to look out for

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - look out for

"to look out for"

to feel responsibility for and therefore help someone or something


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - look out for

"to look out for"

to be careful of or watchful for something or someone


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - look out for

Two parents are talking to their teenage son ...

Mother:  OK. We are going away for the weekend and we need you to look out for your younger brother.

Son:  Do I have to?

Father:  It is your responsibility to help care for your brother.  Make sure he doesn't get into trouble.

Son:  He is such a pest.

Mother:  And please make sure he eats good nutritious meals and doesn't play too many video games.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - look out for

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Have you seen the latest specifications from the customer?

Colleague 2:  No.

Colleague 1:  I really need those specs. I am worried about the deadline and need to get to work on them right away.

Colleague 2:  I'll look out for the specs and bring them to you as soon as they arrive.

Colleague 1:  I would appreciate your diligence in watching for them.

to look out for - Usage:


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to look out for - Gerund Form:

Looking out for a younger sibling is a big brother's responsibility.

Looking out for hazardous road conditions in the winter is normal for Canadian drivers.

to look out for - Examples:

1)  These findings may give doctors another warning sign to look out for. Importantly, unlike the other known risk factors, ...

2)  The counsellor said it's important for people to look out for each other, and watch for changes in behaviour. 

3)  ... travelling around Ireland by car this bank holiday weekend: have a great time, look out for your friends and please, please, come home safely.

4)  Facebook users warned to look out for new scam "Facebook cloning".

5)  We've all been taught to look out for certain signs indicating that danger is coming: Where there's lightning, ...

6)  Investors will be looking out for monthly jobs data due from the US, due later on Friday, ...

7)  The key benefit is that I had support mechanisms required, a union looking out for me, ...

8)  As a big brother back home I'm always looking out for my little brothers, I'm always giving them advice when I make ...

9)  Before surrendering in style, three police teams had been looking out for him but had failed to nab him for three months.

10)  It's clear there were a lot of people looking out for him. I thank you on his family's behalf.

11)  I owe a lot to Sarah who really looked out for me. She helped my mental approach and was the one to speak ...

12)  Simon Stent said the club had no formal policy on drink-driving but said its members looked out for each other.

13)  Eddy was extremely close to his siblings who looked out for him after losing Alice.

14)  ... local or national government to put some money on the table, so we've looked out for some other sources of funding, such as corporate or social philanthropy.

15)  He looked out for everybody and made sure everybody was okay.

16)  When it comes to picking a project, Tom only looks out for one thing - whether he believes in it.

17)  Giles poses as a librarian at Buffy's high school and looks out for the teen by training her and sharing knowledge ...

18)  Besides your storytelling, the audience also looks out for grandeur in your films ...

19)  Online stock brokerage firm Zerodha actively looks out for courses that are relevant for its employees.

20)  A good leader looks out for opportunities.