to look the other way

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - look the other way

"to look the other way"

to deliberately ignore something wrong or unpleasant


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - look the other way

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I just saw Norbert stealing office supplies.

Colleague 2:  What are you going to do?

Colleague 1:  I am just going to look the other way. I really don't want the hassle of having to report the issue and then deal with the animosity afterwards.

Colleague 2:  You are just going to ignore the incident?

Colleague 1:  What incident?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - look the other way

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Look at all these people crossing the street against the light? There's a law enforcement officer right there. Isn't it illegal to jaywalk like that?

Friend 2:  Yes. There is a city by-law against jaywalking.

Friend 1:  Then why doesn't the law enforcement officer do anything?

Friend 2:  He would rather look the other way than have to go to all the trouble of doing all the paperwork associated with apprehending all the jaywalkers.

Friend 1:  Somebody is going to get hurt and then there will be real trouble.

to look the other way - Usage:


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to look the other way - Gerund Form:

Looking the other way when a colleague is stealing office supplies is often easier than dealing with the situation.

to look the other way - Examples:

1)  ... flawed and that officials in some states were paid by meat-packers to look the other way.

2)  ... is easy when faced with a beggar at your local shops to look the other way, ...

3)  ... for allegedly accepting bribes from illegal massage centres to look the other way on the activities in two districts in ...

4)  ... and either allow the foreign companies to flare the gas while they look the other way or allow them evade substantial punishment.

5)  They argued that it was wrong for that government to look the other way while its citizens commit crimes against residents of other countries.

6)  For several months, Modi looked the other way as cabinet colleagues used abusive language against adversaries, ...

7)  ... a boorish culture that culminated in a former female engineer alleging management looked the other way after she and other women reported being propositioned by their male colleagues.

8)  These companies are all over-leveraged, and everyone looked the other way.

9)  ... they instead did what those in power do so often. They looked the other way and allowed the voices of the least advantaged members of society to go unheard.

10)  Some acquiesced willingly. Some looked the other way. And at risk of property and life, some fought back. 

11)  ... or the uncomfortable need to re-examine pre-existing opinions. Sometimes, simply looking the other way makes us happier.

12)  ... faced with their kids sexual issues earlier than ever before and simply looking the other way is no longer an option.

13)  As long as governments are looking the other way, these violations will continue.

14)  And it all starts with not looking the other way when laws are violated.

15)  ... mob justice, it seems the government, police and officials prefer looking the other way, thus stamping their approval on mob justice.

16)  Everyone looks the other way when the happily married lieutenant openly sleeps with a female sergeant.

17)  ... that to a criminal degree have remained neglected. Globalised society frequently looks the other way with the pretence of innocence.

18)  Any government that looks the other way when corruption rears it's ugly head during its reign deserves to be censured for ...

19)  Everybody looks the other way until something really bad happens.

20)  ... harassment in a form of public isolation, as everyone else looks the other way and they tolerate. Sexual harassment in public places is a form of bullying.