to lose ground

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - lose ground

"to lose ground"

to fail to maintain a share of something compared to others


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - lose ground

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  We are in trouble.

Colleague 2:  I know. The latest figures show we are losing ground to our competitors.

Colleague 1:  This morning's numbers show that we have lost another two percent of market share.

Colleague 2:  We need to increase our marketing push in order to improve our standings.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - lose ground

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  All these bills! It seems like the children always need something, from a new pair of shoes to dentist visits to soccer registrations.

Husband:  What can we do? We both got raises recently but our expenses increased more than our raises.

Wife:  I don't like the idea that we are losing ground financially. Our savings account is shrinking.

to lose ground - Usage:


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to lose ground - Gerund Form:

Losing ground to the competition means a drop in market share.

to lose ground - Examples:

1)  ... ranking of the best places to invest in oil and gas # Alberta is losing ground to Saskatchewan as an attractive place to invest for oil and gas companies.

2)  ... market kicked off November by losing ground, opening at $16.15 and progressing to a low of $15.25 across the middle of ...

3)  ... the biggest blow so far to rebels in Aleppo. They seem to be losing ground quickly to pro-government forces attacking them from the east.

4)  Coal is losing ground because it is losing competitiveness. In the US gas is cheaper than coal.

5)  ... embracing the digital transformation can mean the difference between retaining leadership, losing ground and eventually being pushed out of the game.

6)  The way businesses buy digital advertising is changing, with direct sales losing ground. Only 35% of ads were sold this way in 2015.

7)  ... were suddenly in unfamiliar territory, playing catch up but losing ground and running out of time. 

8)  Other regional emerging market currencies losing ground are the Philippine peso, which hit a seven-year low on Wednesday.

9)  The pair has deflated from recent peaks above the 1.3400 handle, losing ground for the second session in a row.

10)  ... shrank the iOS market share from 13.6 to 12.1 per cent. Also losing ground was the "other" category, ...

11)  But as the days grind on they continue to lose ground and the roughly 250,000 civilians still inside rebel areas edge closer to starvation.

12)  Defeat here means you lose ground on three teams.

13)  Big tech companies are starting to lose ground to newer rivals as their products mature and growth slows.

14)  ... the huge US trade deficit with China, American companies are desperate not to lose ground to competitors in one of the world's fastest-growing consumer markets.

15)  ... would not allow his team lose ground, hitting one big shot after another.

16)  ... because the local currency continued to lose ground to foreign currencies -- which they rely on to import their goods.

17)  This segment might start to slow down and lose ground to the full title market.

18)  But today, with the open, non-commercial internet continuing to lose ground to the closed, commercial one, Schrage's prediction that "the rise of ...

19)  The MXN has depreciated since Friday and continues to lose ground the more the Trump camp advances in the polls.

20)  ... has continued to lose ground since news of the dismissal of its chairman broke out and ensuing developments unfolded.