to lose your shirt

Idiom Definition

"to lose your shirt"

to lose all of your money;

to lose the majority of your money or investments

Idiom Definition - to lose your shirt


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to lose your shirt

Ned loves to gamble.  In fact, gambling is a problem for Ned.  He will gamble until he loses all his money.  One night, Ned has a few of his friends over for poker night.  He gambles and loses all the money he has with him.  After poker night, Ned's wife, Grace, asks Ned if he won any money at his poker night.  Ned responds...

"No, dear, in fact I lost my shirt!"

Ned needs to go on the wagon for gambling before it becomes a serious problem.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to lose your shirt

James had been a hard working man.  He provided well for his family.  James had made some investments in, what appeared to be, some very good company stocks.  Unfortunately, the stock market crashed and...

"James lost his shirt."

In fact, James lost all his money when his investment went bad.  He then lost his job, his house, and his family.  James really lost his shirt!

to lose your shirt - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   150   click for frequency by country

to lose your shirt - Gerund Form:

Losing your shirt is difficult to endure.

to lose your shirt - Examples:

1)  I lose my shirt every time I go to the casino.

2)  You lose your shirt if you are not careful with your investments.

3)  He loses his shirt when his friends take advantage of him.

4)  She loses her shirt when she makes bad investments.

5)  The company loses its shirt when it speculates on the market.

6)  We lose our shirts when we bet on the horses.

7)  You (all) lose your shirts when you (all) go to Las Vegas.

8)  They lose their shirts every time they gamble.

9) You're more likely to lose your shirt holding Australian Government bonds than you are losing your deposits. 

10)  Because dividend stocks are usually blue chip companies, you likely won't lose your shirt very often.

11)  It's quite easy to lose your shirt advertising with AdWords.

12)  If you get too excited and move too quickly, you could lose your shirt

13)  But sometimes Bob would lose his shirt. He would lose all the money he had.

14) It's not one unlucky gambler who stands to lose his shirt -- it's the entire economy. 

15) He invested most of his savings in these instruments, and of course lost his shirt

16)  What happened was that our speculator lost his shirt, and likely won't be back for more punishment. 

17)  Romney would have lost his shirt if he entered negotiations by laying his cards on the table before the negotiation starts.

18)  At one stage I lost my shirt and had to hang out my shingle as a lawyer for a while.

19)  The stock market is rigged to ensure the small punter loses his shirt and the big boys take all his money.

20)  Whenever you lose your shirt in the market, regroup and try again.