to lose your temper

Idiom Definition

"to lose your temper"

to become very angry

Idiom Definition - to lose your temper


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to lose your temper

Johnny is a 14 year old teenage boy.  His room is a mess.   His grades in school are terrible.  He talks rudely to his parents and teachers.  He never does any work around the house.  Johnny plays a lot of video games.  Johnny´s mother has been talking and talking to Johnny to try and help him improve his attitude.  One day Johnny's mother's anger increases to the point where she...

loses her temper.

Johnny's mother has now become quite angry and is shouting at Johnny with raised voice.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to lose your temper

During a recent long weekend camping adventure, Grace and Ned experienced a night of torment.  The weather turned very bad.  There was a terrible wind that threatened to blow their tent away.  Then it began to rain.  It rained very heavily.  Ned and Grace were soaking wet.  Ned was getting frustrated and angry.  When a tree was blown over by the storm and landed on their car, ...

Ned lost his temper.

Ned began to scream at the sky, at the storm and then at Grace when she tried to calm Ned down.

to lose your temper - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,539   click for frequency by country

to lose your temper - Gerund Form:

Losing your temper can be a signal that you have some underlying anger management issues.

to lose your temper - Examples:

1)  I lose my temper when the neighbors make noise all night.

2)  You lose your temper when you do not take deep breathes and relax.

3)  He loses his temper if he becomes too angry.

4)  She loses her temper when her students misbehave.

5)  We lose our tempers when the referee makes three bad calls in a row.

6)  You (all) lose your tempers when you (all) are stuck in traffic.

7)  They lose their tempers when their computers crash and they lose all their work.

8)  If the consultant refuses to see a patient, do not lose your temper, but simply let him or her know that you have noted that refusal.

9)  It may also be tempting to lose your temper out of the frustration you are experiencing.

10)  If you do lose your temper, don't feel guilty? remember, you are under great stress?

11) It never, ever helps to lose your temper

12)  No matter what happens, you should never lose your temper and fight with your partner and family members on the details of your wedding.

13) He loses his temper in front of the cameras and the result is catastrophic. 

14)  The husband is prideful, never in the wrong, loses his temper to stay in control and never asks for forgiveness.

15)  He is definitely not a gentleman and frequently loses his temper.

16) She is horrible to look at when she loses her temper

17)  Have you told your wife how she makes you feel when she loses her temper?

18)  Her mother thinks that she still loses her temper more rapidly than she did before the tumor developed.

19)  I lost my temper and used language decidedly unparliamentary and for that unreservedly apologize.

20)  I stood up and laid into him and lost my temper, which I am not proud of, but he pushed my buttons.