love handles

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - love handles

"love handles"

rolls of fat around the waist that can be held on to during lovemaking


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - love handles

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How has your diet been going? You're looking really good.

Friend 2:  Pretty good except that I just can't seem to lose these little love handles.

Friend 1:  You must be kidding.  Those aren't really love handles.  They're too small.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - love handles

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  It sure looks like life has been treating you well.

Friend 2:  I suppose I have grown some love handles since we last saw each other.

Friend 1:  I think that what you have is a little more than love handles.

Friend 2:  Do you think I'm fat?

love handles - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   271   click for frequency by country

love handles - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for love handles.

love handles - Examples:

1)  My love handles are gone, my abs and butt are taut, and I can assume positions ...

2)  Is my butt too big? Do I have love handles above my hips?

3)  The only difference is I did get some stretch marks on my love handles, which I can live with.

4)  I developed love handles and poor posture as a result of spending so much time sitting in front of ...

5)  ... with crow's feet pulling on the corners of their eyes and' love handles' attaching to our midsections.

6)  drive fat gain, particularly around your middle, otherwise known as your 'love handles'.

7)  Kim was speechless, especially when he told her he missed her love handles.

8)  For women, love and love handles have always come hand-in-hand. Whether it's the three-course meals in candle-lit restaurants ...

9)  Are you struggling to lose those love handles that nobody loves?

10)  We usually do liposuction of the upper abdomen and of the love handles.

11)  She ditched the love handles and her bad habits/friends and found a positive life in Fitness.

12)  I mean, if I have love handles now, there's no getting rid of them without a doc.

13)  ... she still had a lot of fat around her lower tummy and her love handles were really prominent.

14)  Body fat distribution in terms of your love handles and your lean stomach is genetic.

15)  ... period with little rest during this time will burn more calories and keep the love handles at bay. These training sessions should only be 20 minutes long.

16)  Eating unhealthy food and no exercise is the most common cause of love handles.

17)  ... fat bellies who prefer the low rise pants as they do not disturb their love handles ...

18)  No one likes to see bulging love handles or excess cellulite which could refrain them from wearing their favorite ...

19)  To target love handles include plenty of oblique toning and belly toning exercises.

20)  There are many people have given up all hope of ever losing those love handles.