(to be) mad as a hatter

Idiom Definition

"to be mad as a hatter"

to be insane, crazy or deranged

Idiom Definition - to be mad as a hatter


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be mad as a hatter

A husband and wife are talking ...

Wife:  My Aunt Joan is coming for her yearly visit next week.

Husband:  Oh. Has another year rolled around again?

Wife:  You don't sound very pleased.

Husband:  Well, your aunt is a little crazy.  She exhibits some of the most bizarre behaviors and, quite frankly, she frightens me.

Wife:  Really?  It's as bad as all that?

Husband:  Yes.  Your Aunt Joan is mad as a hatter.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be mad as a hatter

Two businessmen are talking about a colleague ...

Businessman 1:  Fred has sure been under a lot of pressure lately.

Businessman 2:  The merger is driving him crazy.

Businessman 1:  I suppose that explains his weird new habits and extremely erratic antics.

Businessman 2:  Well, let's hope he can find a way to deal with the pressure because his mad as a hatter behavior will get him fired.

to be mad as a hatter - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   81   click for frequency by country

to be mad as a hatter - Gerund Form:

Being mad as a hatter can be exhibited in many different forms.

to be mad as a hatter - Examples:

1)  Everyone knows about King George the III. He was mad as a hatter.

2)  You are truly bonkers James, mad as a hatter.

3)  I think Lovelock's mad as a hatter, though he may be right on some things.

4)  Griffin comes across as mad as a hatter with his inappropriate smiling and laughing when sensitive subjects are mentioned.

5)  He's over-the-top and as mad as a hatter, but once you're over the shock, he's excellent fun.

6)  She seemed as mad as a hatter but the photos she had on display were exceptionally good.

7)  Gudni is a right head case, mad as a hatter. He should be locked up if he can't restrain himself.

8)  I was fascinated by the trenchant, irascible old gora, possibly mad as a hatter, holed up in Saddar for more than a half century.

9)  Yup Gadaffi was as mad as a hatter but he had an African vision.

10)  To those who have been driven mad as a hatter by often nonsensical NZ court judgments, here is a new one for the books.

11)  This is a sure sign that I'm not as mad as a hatter after all and that I am still normal.

12)  Balotelli is one of the best players in the world -- and mad as a hatter.

13)  If you carelessly keep large assets with your broker you are as mad as a hatter.

14)  Miller may be mad as a hatter, but he has a real following on the right.

15)  She is mad as a hatter to give all her money to charity.

16)  If you believe in the existence of UFOs, then you are mad as a hatter.

17)  Being able to hang a label (mad as a hatter) lets you belittle everything the lady has said in her lifetime

18)  But this time I started mad as a hatter because no one could understand me nor could I understand what was being said.

19)  he looked to his map and never said another word, lookin' as mad as a hatter the whole blessed time.

20)  Running around screaming about the end of the world is a sure way to be labeled mad as a hatter.