to maintain a low profile

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - maintain a low profile

"to maintain a low profile"

to avoid attracting attention


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - maintain a low profile

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I haven't seen Andy around the office lately. Have you seen him?

Colleague 2:  Ever since Andy got in a big fight with the boss, he has been maintaining a low profile.

Colleague 1:  Good idea. Stay out of sight and out of mind and hope the memory of the incident dissipates over time.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - maintain a low profile

Two colleagues are talking ...

Senior Colleague:  I am going to let you join us in this meeting but you have to maintain a really low profile.

Junior Colleague:  That's great, thank you. You won't even know I am there.

Senior Colleague:   I don't want any of the other participants to notice you either. You will attend to observe only. No fidgeting, no facial expressions, no note-taking and definitely no speaking.

to maintain a low profile - Usage:


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to maintain a low profile - Gerund Form:

Maintaining a low profile after a scandal is usual behavior for politicians.

to maintain a low profile - Examples:

1)  She never served in the Cuban government and maintained a low profile, unlike her brothers, who collectively have run the country for nearly 60 years.

2)  Weiner maintained a low profile following the shocking revelations in October.

3)  He has maintained a low profile since assuming his new job and has not attended some meetings with foreign leaders.

4)  Gray has maintained a low profile in recent years following a storm of protest over his role in the Myer disposal.

5)  Since losing to Trump, Clinton has maintained a low profile by keeping her speaking appearances to a minimum.

6)  Even now, I like to maintain a low profile, believe it or not. Despite his professed aversion for the spotlight ...

7)  ... is that his family, especially his children, maintain a low profile and do not show off.

8)  Omba chose to maintain a low profile eliciting mixed reactions among people who were left wondering of his whereabouts and what had ...

9)  The message is always, Maintain a low profile, don't drive, stay out of public areas like bus stations or airports.

10)  ... speaking on the condition of anonymity, Tillerson is trying to maintain a low profile, which is his natural instinct, ...

11)  ... has been maintaining a low profile and after receiving hate mail from people in ...

12)  ... veteran's habit of maintaining a low profile and not interacting much with party workers may not work in his favour, ...

13)  The government was maintaining a low profile on Thursday, saying only that it was reviewing a request by ...

14)  One of the tools of trade of the multinational tax avoider is maintaining a low profile and keeping stakeholders, including the Tax Office, in the dark while maintaining the ...

15)  After a very close call from a sharp-shinned hawk it has been maintaining a low profile in the willows. At least four song sparrows are joining the blackbird for ...

16)  Damani is a quiet man who maintains a low profile.

17)  As one of only two surviving original members, Hudson maintains a low profile, recording occasionally and appearing in public even less.

18)  ... but the 66-year-old rarely speaks with journalists, maintains a low profile and doesn't have a Twitter account.

19)  ... maintains a low profile these days, apparently chastened by unfavourable publicity over his business dealings in the 1990s.

20)  He does not endorse any products. He maintains a low profile and on the rare occasions he is seen in public, ...