to make a beeline for

Idiom Definition

"to make a beeline for"

to go directly in a straight line for a target, destination or goal - like a bee towards a flower

Idiom Definition - to make a beeline for


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to make a beeline for

Martha loves her coffee.  Martha works in an office.  When Martha arrives at work in the morning...

"She makes a beeline straight for the coffee machine."

This means that Martha does not stop at her desk.  She does not does not take off her coat.  Martha does not greet her coworkers.  Martha goes directly and quickly to the coffee machine.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to make a beeline for

Sam has been out for a five kilometer run.  It is a hot day.  Sam has perspired a great deal.  When Sam arrives home...

"He makes a beeline to the shower.!"

Sam is sweaty and tired.  He wants to feel the soothing spray from the hot shower.  Sam makes his way directly for the bathroom.  He does not stop to drink a glass of water.  He does not read the newspaper.

to make a beeline for - Usage:


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to make a beeline for - Gerund Form:

Making a beeline can sometimes appear to be funny behavior.

to make a beeline for - Examples:

1)  I make a beeline to work when I am late.

2)  You make a beeline to the bathroom when you really have to go.

3)  He makes a beeline straight for the sports section of the newspaper because he really likes sports.

4)  She makes a beeline to the shoe department when there is a sale.

5)  It (the horse) makes a beeline to the water trough after a hot day.

6)  We make a beeline to the local lounge on karaoke night.

7)  You (all) make a beeline directly to the salad bar.

8)  They make a beeline to the restaurant right after work.

9)  Experienced surfers in the family will want to make a beeline for Moffat Beach, renowned for it's awesome surf break.

10)  Outside writers tend to supply editorials of the defend-a-position variety, which make a beeline toward a rousing (and foreordained) conclusion.

11)  I used to travel a lot in the U.S. and would make a beeline to Target. It offers so much more and the people are wonderful.

12)  Every time we went, I'd make a beeline for the leotards and dream a little dream about wearing one.

13)  Scientists have worked out why mosquitoes make a beeline for certain people but appear to leave others almost untouched.

14) He'd arrive on his own and make a beeline for our luxury scones with clotted cream. 

15)  When you get to Cairo, make a beeline for the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World -- the Pyramids of Giza.

16) If a child gets hurt the first thing they do is make a beeline for their mother or father 

17)  We go there lots but usually make a beeline for the top part of the park where the playground is.

18)  Little wonder serious international surfers make a beeline for Irish shores.

19)  In the hospital, I make a beeline for the bathroom. My stomach is cramping.

20)  I feel like a lot of bloggers just make a beeline straight for my email without even taking in any of the info on the page.