to make a deal

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - make a deal

"to make a deal"

to negotiate an arrangement or compromise;

to arrange a deal


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - make a deal

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  How are the merger negotiations going?

Colleague 2:  After two weeks of hard bargaining, both sides are ready to make a deal.

Colleague 1:  When does the paperwork get signed?

Colleague 2:  We just need approval from both boards and the deal will be done.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - make a deal

A state prosecutor and a lawyer are talking ...

Lawyer:  What is the offer? Is the State willing to make a deal?

Prosecutor:  The State is willing to drop all charges if your client will inform on his boss.

Lawyer:  Let me take it to my client and see if he agrees.

Prosecutor:  You have twenty-four hours to accept. Otherwise the deal will no longer be available.

to make a deal - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,233   click for frequency by country

to make a deal - Gerund Form:

Making a deal with his boss, he worked an extra hour each day in order to get an extra day off.

to make a deal - Examples:

1)  After months of haggling, Eisner make a deal, giving Disney the right to additional films and Pixar a 50 percent ...

2)  ... on upbeat investor sentiment after producer club OPEC and Russia make a deal to reduce output.

3)  Triggering talks will set Britain a two-year deadline to make a deal it hopes can protect its trade with the bloc while ending free immigration.

4)  He doesn't want to antagonise the presidency and would rather make a deal than stand in the way of the ruling party who are desperate to ...

5)  To make the job cuts, the company has make a deal with its powerful worker representatives. Under the terms of the deal, ...

6)  He is non ideological and willing to make a deal with anybody.

7)  We make a deal with a previous minister. If you honour what was previously agreed, ...

8)  ... after breaking ranks from the other banks to make a deal with Apple that allow its customers to use the Apple Pay digital wallet ...

9)  ... killed because officials feared that he was about to make a deal with federal authorities investigating his land dealings in California.

10)  ... accused of paying bribes to a federal agent to help his clients avoid deportation has make a deal with the federal government and is scheduled to plead guilty next month, ...

11)  In such cases, defendants typically agree to make a deal early on and avoid being indicted by a federal grand jury.

12)  ... attorneys argued that the state make a deal with Hearn where he was promised minimal incarceration time in exchange for his ...

13)  He confessed and later make a deal to reduce his jail time by giving evidence against Curtis. 

14)  ... calculated the guerrillas had been weakened to the point they would finally be ready to make a deal and pursue their goals through politics.

15)  ... missile and nuclear tests are merely leverage to make America play ball and make a deal that scales back sanctions.

16)  We learned that anyone could make money making a deal or clipping the ticket on an investment banking transaction.

17)  Didi now reigns supreme after absorbing a local rival before making a deal to take over Uber China.

18)  The minute he began to describe making a deal with the agent for a slice of the fee, ...

19)  ... meaning making a deal with Turkey became the only option.

20)  If I was a second tier ISP, I'd be looking at making a deal with one of the spectrum licence holders right now.