to make do

Idiom Definition

"to make do"

to use the less than adequate resources available in such a way that the resources are adequate because, in that moment, there are no other resources available

Idiom Definition - to make do


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to make do

Two businesswomen are preparing for a presentation that will take place in one hour ...

Woman 1: Did anyone check the documents that we received from the printer?

Woman 2: No. Why?

Woman 1: It looks like we're going to be ten handouts short for the presentation.

Woman 2: Well, there's no time to get any more so we'll just have to make do.

Woman 1: OK. We can seat people from the same company together and they can share a handout. We can say we are saving the environment by using less paper and ink.

Woman 2: Good idea.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to make do

Two volunteers are talking about a recent cut in government funding to the not-for-profit where they volunteer ...

Volunteer 1: Did you hear about the cut?

Volunteer 2: Yes! How are we going to continue with all our programming that helps so many people?

Volunteer 1: We'll have to find a way to make do with the smaller government grant and keep all the programs.

Volunteer 2: Yes, at least until we can figure out another way to raise money.

to make do - Usage:


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to make do - Gerund Form:

Making do is often a necessity of life when resources are scarce.

to make do - Examples:

1)  Please do your best to make do with what you've got.

2)  Women who manage the household budget are forced to make do with less as grocery store prices rise and wages fall.

3)  They will also have to make do with the irregular and low density power output from windmills and solar panels.

4)  Nearly all of them must face reality sooner or later and learn to make do in less glamorous occupations.

5)  Until then, however, we have to make do with simpler methods.

6)  Whatever the topic, I had to make do with one small text area and one slightly larger image area.

7)  However, a freelancer for example, is forced to make do by spreading their resources out.

8)  So you use what you've got and you learn to make do.

9)  Meanwhile, the labor class has to make do with less and less.

10)  When his opportunity comes, he's got to make do with it and he knows that so it's making him hungrier.

11)  It's clearly not practical to make physical models, so we have to make do with software ones which don't have such practical constraints.

12)  Looks like the neighborhood will have to make do with whatever park space it can eke out of the sand filtration site.

13)  The middle class will have to make do with a few token gestures of support.

14)  I think we'll all figure out how to make do.

15)  It's starting to rain as well so I make do with 2 laps of fast walking and intermittent short jogs.

16)  Maybe you can make do without it.

17)  Makes for wiser cooking since I use what I have on hand and make do, much like my elders have done past and present.

18)  But he was getting used to going without and decided he'd make do with something from a vending machine later.

19)  And we know the solution: cut back, contract, make do with less.

20)  Living on less. When traveling, you discover you can often " make do " and still have the time of your life.