to make it worth your while

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - make it worth your while

"to make it worth your while"

to give money or other considerations to encourage someone to do something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - make it worth your while

A headhunter is talking to a possible new hire ...

Employee:  Why should I even consider changing jobs? I am quite happy where I am.

Headhunter:  We can make it worth your while.

Employee:  How is that?

Headhunter:  For starters, we can offer a six-figure signing bonus.  There are also many other perks.

Employee:  Go on.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - make it worth your while

Two volunteers are talking ...

Volunteer 1:  How are we going to get people to come out to our charity book fair?

Volunteer 2:  We need to find a way to make it worth their while.

Volunteer 1:  We could give everyone who attends a lottery ticket.

Volunteer 2:  That might encourage people to attend the fair.

to make it worth your while - Usage:


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to make it worth your while - Gerund Form:

Making taking out the garbage worth your children's while ensures the garbage is taken out reliably.

to make it worth your while - Examples:

1)  ... have a terrific banker, stay with them and they will most likely make it worth your while in the long run. Banking is all about relationships.

2)  ... our Display Home Program, we will reduce our already competitive pricing and make it worth your while to investigate the many benefits of our roof.

3)  ... but I am hoping I can still make it worth your while (perhaps I can offer you some free professional family photos at the ...

4)  Councils are killing the building industry, They just don't even make it worth your while anymore. So much' red tape' you would think it's ...

5)  Oh yeah, to make it worth your while, they have free WIFI so you can idle whilst letting your tummy ...

6)  ... you must be certain you can make referrals to the broker to make it worth their while otherwise there is simply nothing in it for them and they ares likely ...

7)  You go and stimulate the interest... make it worth their while.

8)  Offer something to your customers, and make it worth their while.

9)  You really have to make it worth their while, so say there will be punch and pie at the meetings.

10)  It's not like I could ever offer them enough money to make it worth their while for them.

11)  I want three things from a conference to make it worth my while.

12)  Do I shop at the store frequently enough to make it worth my while?

13)  ... watching SNL. But I do find it funny often enough to make it worth my while.

14)  I'll suspend my disbelief and you make it worth my while. Entertain me. Make me feel something.

15)  I couldn't possibly imagine what I had in me to make it worth his while.

16)  They don't have enough money to make it worth his while.

17)  So what can he do that will make it worth his while to take the potential risk when it comes to choosing the right partner ...

18)  There is economic and security factors which make it worth our while to have a bet each way.

19)  His poor boss tried, but Alon just could not make it worth our while to stay.

20)  So something needs to be done that makes it worth their while. Otherwise the downhill curve will continue.