make my day

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - make my day

"make my day"

go ahead and do what you are threatening so that I am justified in dominating with a reprisal


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - make my day

A boss and subordinate are talking ...

Subordinate:  I am absolutely angry and frustrated at the way you treat me. I should punch you in the face.

Boss:  Go ahead. Make my day. I have been looking for a reason to fire you.

Subordinate:  I will not give you the pleasure. I will find other ways to make your life miserable.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - make my day

A policeman is confronting a thief ...

Policeman:  Go on. Make my day. Reach for your weapon.

Thief:  Please don't shoot me.

Policeman:  Go for your gun. Please give me a reason to rid the world of a scum like you. There is a lot less paperwork if I shoot you than if I have to arrest and book you for grand theft.

make my day - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   194   click for frequency by country

make my day - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for make my day.

make my day - Examples:

1)  Go on Ms May, make my day: dissolve the UK Parliament and recall the original sovereign parliaments.

2)  Go ahead, make my day, " from Sudden Impact: Leaders must be willing to set boundaries and enforce ...

3)  "If they want to sue us, make my day," he said.

4)  Go right ahead. Make my day! John Yes please. The mad monk has no hope of negotiating ...

5)  ... puppet for conservative factions controlling his Party, well, go ahead and make my day.

6)  Tell him to proceed and make my day. Sue me or not, the master is guilty.

7)  ... it seems comprehension is an easy thing for you right? Go on make my day, I want to see you explain this ...

8)  ... bravely) refused outright, in effect saying, "Go ahead, make my day."

9)  ... as if daring the bullet-planting extortionists to "make my day." There will be more such defiance of authority.

10)  Go ahead, make my day. Raise short interest rates. Because all you're going to do is ...

11)  ... looks me in the eye and says: "Go ahead, make my day punk!"

12)  ... citing a recent piece he wrote for a conservative website entitled "Make my Day, Shut it Down." "The government is so out of control ...

13)  Go ahead. Make my day. Howl me down!

14)  It's a dare. Go ahead, make my day, do your worst to bring the wrath of Darwin's devoted disciples on me ...

15)  Go on... make my day!! Really, it's time to take out this trash.

16)  ... every distraction because though the Leader of the Opposition said yesterday, "Make my day," he wanted to have a debate about the economy, ...

17)  You want to vote for Romney, well go ahead Moroni, make my day.

18)  Go ahead, make my day. I'll even paint a bulls-eye on my chest for you.

19)  ... loaded, he just needs a reason to say "Go ahead, make my day." Good luck trading ...

20)  ... you feel lucky punk............ do you? and " Go ahead - make my day!"