to make the feathers fly

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - make the feathers fly

"to make the feathers fly"

to cause a bad argument


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - make the feathers fly

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Wow. That was quite a disturbance during the staff meeting.

Colleague 2:  When Julia accused Scott of not doing his part of the work, I thought Scott was going to get violent. And the argument that ensued was quite entertaining to watch.

Colleague 1:  Those two really did make the feathers fly.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - make the feathers fly

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you invited both Susan and Joan to the party?

Friend 2:  Sure. Why not?

Friend 1:  They hate each other. They always cause a really bad argument.

Friend 2:  I am not responsible for other people's actions or behaviors. Let them make the feathers fly.

to make the feathers fly - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   17   click for frequency by country

to make the feathers fly - Gerund Form:

Making the feathers fly in a staff meeting is not a good strategy for a leader.

to make the feathers fly - Examples:

1)  This has lead to fears of a "wholesale genocide" of feral animals which made the feathers fly among cat lovers.

2)  Two pregnant stars of local reality show Diski Divas made the feathers fly in Kaya FM's studio on Friday night, slapping each other while live on air.

3)  The former beauty queen and waitress wastes no time in making the feathers fly with the girls, who hate “newbies'' joining their clique.

4)  But suggest a causal link between estrogen-proliferative IA and breast cancer -- and watch the feathers fly!

5)  ... he was considering negotiations but inclined toward a budget battle that would let the feathers fly.

6)  So Tim is not an ordinary colleague, and I've watched the feathers fly over his latest enthusiasm from a distance only.

7)  ... when the woman indicated that she wanted to end the relationship which reportedly made the feathers fly.

8)  ... this made the feathers fly between representatives of opposing political parties.

9)  That was an issue between us and it made the feathers fly.

10)  The incident had made the feathers fly between the suspects and a restaurant worker.

11)  A recent trip Kylie took to Australia apparently made the feathers fly between the pair and while they never officially broke up, they reportedly decided a ...

12)  ... had been drinking when he refused to stop playing on the Xbox, which made the feathers fly.

13)  Moment of truth: Almost two thirds said packing has made the feathers fly and packing unnecessary items was the number one reason for a pre-holiday bust-up.

14)  same name claiming that the parcel belonged to him. It made the feathers fly. The postmaster had to be removed from her post and relocated for her safety.

15)  ... posted a rant against White on her Twitter page after the video reportedly made the feathers fly between Katie and ex-husband Peter Andre, who criticised her for allowing their children ...

16)  ... out the irregularities, some might grab the land there and it would make the feathers fly.

17)  ... doesn't seem to only come here to 'bait' people and make the feathers fly.

18)  We were only two, and I was afraid my comments would make the feathers fly.

19)  ... declining a wedding invitation altogether, believing that a bad gift decision could make the feathers fly between friends.

20)  Your wife said she doesn't listen to your lyrics -- did that make the feathers fly? Not an argument but it did cause a lot of eyebrow-raising.