to make the grade

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - make the grade

"to make the grade"

to meet standards;

to be satisfactory


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - make the grade

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: How was your interview for the manager's position?

Colleague 2: I didn't make the grade.

Colleague 1: What was the issue?

Colleague 2: I don't have enough experience or the right qualifications. It was suggested that I take a few courses and re-apply in a couple of years.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - make the grade

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Well, how is your new riding mower working out?

Friend 2: So far, so good. It is definitely making the grade. It starts excellently and reliably. It is comfortable to drive and all the features work well.

Friend 1: That's great. I am glad to hear that it meets your high standards. I know you spent a lot of time deciding which model would be best.

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to make the grade - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   889   click for frequency by country

to make the grade - Gerund Form:

Making the grade means that you are performing satisfactorily at work.

to make the grade - Examples:

1)  ... but this extension didn't make the grade for me. It was very limited in it's feature set and was not ...

2)  ... for every icon such as this, there are thousands who fail to make the grade. Their products never get to market because they remain unfinished, untested, or ...

3)  In other words, when our children fail to make the grade (literally and figuratively) and are denied entry into college, university or their ...

4)  Establishment Position filled then having to refill it if the incumbent did not make the grade

5)  If the person did mot make the grade the promotion could be cancelled at any time and a new bod appointed without new ...

6)  ... but was surprised to see many International films make the grade. I look forward to seeing many of these films you have recommended.

7)  vie each year to wear the most unique costume. No store-bought costumes make the grade, although with any contest in which employees vote, popularity sways the results.

8)  ... chance that it's the story of an earlier prototype that didn't make the grade.

9)  The lack of parental involvement in education is why students are failing to make the grade.

10)  ... the existence of low-paying jobs on the grounds that people who can not make the grade don't deserve a decent wage.

11)  ... buttons, minor repairs needing to be done. Any that don't make the grade can be tossed/donated/fixed now.

12)  ... the police department was forced to lower requirements so blacks and women could make the grade.

13)  ... one that will inspire sufficient curiosity and praise to make the grade as a solid upscale late autumn release for Focus Features.

14)  ... have had the talent to continue to make the grade at the highest level.

15)  What is an original contribution and what exactly makes it good enough to make the grade in a doctoral dissertation?

16) only held in such high regard because those around her don't make the grade.

17)  ... sometimes considered a specialty to turn to for those doctors who could not make the grade elsewhere. Some believed that geriatrics was a third rate specialty.

18)  If it doesn't make the grade then you won't find it published here.

19)  ... cleverer and are now penalizing sites (and content) that don't make the grade

20)  But most fail to make the grade either because they are not physically fit enough or they do not have the right ...