to make time for

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - make time for

"to make time for"

to allow time for something in particular


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - make time for

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  Will you have any time this weekend?

Husband:  That big account at work is taking all my time.  I think I will have to work over the weekend.

Wife:  Could you please make a little time for the kids and I on Sunday?

Husband:  OK.  I'll free up a couple of hours for a BBQ.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - make time for

Two executives are talking ...

Director:  The CEO is coming for a visit this afternoon.

Manager:  I'm really busy. My agenda is full.

Director:  I need you to make some time for giving the CEO an overview of what we've been working on.

Manager:  I'll rearrange a couple of meetings then.

to make time for - Usage:


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to make time for - Gerund Form:

Making time for your friends lends to a balanced life.

to make time for - Examples:

1)  Amidst the chaos of daily life, we often forget to make time for each other.

2)  Ask the doctor to make time for your questions and concerns.

3)  The important things are family and friends. Make time for them. Simplify your life.

4)  I plan to make time for the gym also.

5)  Decide what you will and will not make time for, and what boundaries you can start setting for yourself.

6)  One of the best things of all is I am making time for me.

7)  Begin by making time for yourself to do things you enjoy.

8)  I'm a huge spin fan though lately I haven't been making time for it.

9)  I'm making time for my family and friends.

10)  You have a life and cycling is part of it, making time for close family and friends will take your mind off training.

11)  He also makes time for teaching in the program two days per week.

12)  I'm sure he only makes time for us, and I appreciate that!

13)  Kevin's such a lovely and popular fella, who makes time for everyone and always wants to please.

14)  Everyone makes time for a chat or a shared joke.

15)  The country star makes time for good causes, like helping survivors of tornadoes and floods.

16)  Bligh was so absorbed by her duties she even made time for a Womens Weekly photo shoot and make over during the calamity.

17)  Despite the long hours involved, he was always enthusiastic and made time for his passengers.

18)  He always had about 10 different places to be at once, but always made time for me.

19)  He loved his children and always made time for us out of his busy schedule.

20)  Despite his incredibly busy schedule he has always made time for charitable causes, especially in Ireland.