to make tracks

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - make tracks

"to make tracks"

to move or leave, usually quickly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - make tracks

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: When does our flight leave?

Colleague 2: In about an hour.

Colleague 1: Then we had better make tracks. This time of day, with traffic, it will take us at least forty minutes to get to the airport.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - make tracks

Two friends are backpacking ...

Friend 1: How much farther is tonight's campsite?

Friend 2: About two more hours.

Friend 1: The sun will be setting soon.

Friend 2: Then we had better make tracks.

Friend 1: OK. Let's speed up our pace.

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to make tracks - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   202   click for frequency by country

to make tracks - Gerund Form:

Making tracks when the lion arrived, we left as quickly as possible.

to make tracks - Examples:

1)  Make tracks into Kazakhstan and enjoy a night with a local family in Zhabagly before exploring the ...

2)  Now there's no excuse not to head out of the city and make tracks to the country, coast, mountains or the outback for a holiday.

3)  ... suggested a similar walking duration as the previous day so we were keen to make tracks before the sun got too hot.

4)  ... uncover hidden treasures in The Warehouse and make tracks to the outdoor area. The children can let off steam with our outdoor play area ...

5)  ... sleepy cobbled street, or for the lush profusion of a sculpted garden, make tracks to the Giardino Giusti.

6)  Keep driving, I think we can lose them if we make tracks and then ditch this car.

7)  After the last night of every play the whole cast would make tracks to a cafe in Golden, and over cups of coffee and doughnuts discuss the ...

8) is the place to make tracks for when it comes to choosing your next car.

9)  Women do not waste much time in an unhappy situation, and make tracks.

10)  ... was if we could get out of the area, so we decided to make tracks. At this stage we were actually considering bolting the country.

11)  If you're keen to experience some true Kiwiana, make tracks to Otorohanga.

12)  However, the next morning we had to make tracks as we had promised to meet other travelers.

13)  ... as though we can get all our measures through and then I'll make tracks for home.

14)  A new gene delivery vehicle may provide a way of making tracks to the heart of the target. 

15)  We made tracks back to the hotel but it was still fairly early in the night so ...

16)  ... when the car stopped for a red light, Oliver thoughtfully jumped out and made tracks for a store in which he thought he'd spied some Haitian art.

17)  ... so I quickly made tracks walking up to the start area to make another run.

18)  Returning to Plawangan, we breakfasted and then made tracks for the lakeside, 2hrs below us, climbing first down a steep switchback trail ...

19)  We didn't delay at the top but made tracks back down again fairly quickly.

20)  As dusk began to fall over Yala we made tracks for camp.