to make your mouth water

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - make your mouth water

"to make your mouth water"

to make a person salivate in anticipation of something good


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - make your mouth water

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Are you ready for your big bonus once the client signs the deal?

Colleague 2: A one hundred thousand dollar bonus is making my mouth water.

Colleague 1: Sounds like you are eagerly anticipating the money.

Colleague 2: It will be such a huge relief to finally pay off my student loans.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - make your mouth water

A couple are talking ...

Wife: Are you making pizza?

Husband: Yes, I am and with your favorite toppings, too.

Wife: It smells so delicious that it is making my mouth water.

Husband: Just wait until you taste it.

Wife: I can't wait. When will it be ready?

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to make your mouth water - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   202   click for frequency by country

to make your mouth water - Gerund Form:

Making his mouth water, the little boy gazed eagerly at his birthday cake.

to make your mouth water - Examples:

1)  Our kits will make your mouth water! Each month your kit will comprise of a number of coordinating patterned papers ...

2)  Are the words "roast pork and crackling" enough to make your mouth water? Then this guide is for you.

3)  It will simply make your mouth water at the very sight and smell of it.

4)  Just the smell of a ripe strawberry is enough to make your mouth water.

5)  Drooling for dollars: How looking at money DOES make your mouth water.

6)  The smell itself is enough to make your mouth water. The pork rib was cooked to tender perfection.

7)  Balancing the right amount lemony goo to pastry for lemon bars will surely make your mouth water.

8)  Food can make your mouth water when it looks and smells extremely good. 

9)  They also serve some juicy prime cut steaks that will make your mouth water.

10)  Looking back at those photos makes my mouth water for another big bowl full of the tomatoes from my garden.

11)  ... memory of that mix of hot crusty fried bread with cheese and ham makes my mouth water

12)  ... have a sweet tooth and just looking at those wonderful and colourful macaroons makes my mouth water.

13)  ... of maize roasting on charcoal fires fights its way through the grime and makes my mouth water

14)  ...wasn't the day that thinking of alone made my heart pound, made my mouth water with anticipation. The moment I was expecting was just lurking around the corner.

15)  The rich smell of pizza made my mouth water.

16)  I adore oven roasted tomatoes and this recipe with the ricotta is making my mouth water.

17)  ... round the corner from our house and just looking at the menu was making my mouth water

18)  The thought of butter croissant is making my mouth water.

19)  I went to the cinema.. the smell of popcorn and nachos was making my mouth water.. but I just stuck to sipping water.

20)  The three ideas that make my mouth water the most will be passed onto Lindt to determine the lucky winner.