to make your toes curl

Idiom Definition

"to make your toes curl"

to feel very uncomfortable usually because of embarrassment

Idiom Definition - to make your toes curl


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to make your toes curl

Michael was enjoying a nice walk in the park.  He stopped at a fountain for a drink of water.  He was watching an overweight man who was ordering a hot dog from a street vendor.  The fat man was paying for his hot dog when he accidentally dropped the money on the ground.  As the big man was bending over to pick up his money, his pants stretched so tightly that..."R-R-R-I-I-I-P" went his pants.  Michael could see the fat man's underwear.

"Michael's feeling of embarrassment for the poor fat man made his toes curl."

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to make your toes curl

Patricia was telling her friend Nancy about riding the bus on her way home from work recently.  She had been sitting behind two men who were loudly talking about their recent visits to their doctors.  The men were sharing some very personal medical details about their intimate body parts.  Patricia told Susan...

"I was so uncomfortable that it made my toes curl!"

In this case, the men were not embarrassed or uncomfortable.  Patricia was uncomfortable overhearing intimate details about strangers.

Idiom Scenario 3

Idiom Definition - to make your toes curl

Jillian is a ten year old girl.  She loves her dolls.  She has a large collection of dolls and plays with them all the time.  One of Jillian's favorite things to do is to visit the toy store.  The toy store has hundreds of dolls of all shapes and sizes.  When Jillian visits the toy store...

her little toes curl up in excitement.

to make your toes curl - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   51   click for frequency by country

to make your toes curl - Gerund Form:

Making one's toes curl can be caused by an embarrassing situation.

to make your toes curl - Examples:

1)  It makes my toes curl when I see a fly in my soup.

2)  It makes your toes curl when you need to speak in public.

3)  It makes his toes curl up when his favorite sports team wins.

4)  It makes her toes curl up when she receives a perfect score on an exam.

5)  It makes our toes curl when we make a mistake in public.

6)  It makes your toes curl when you (all) drop the ball.

7)  It makes their toes curl up when they eat their favorite food.

8)  That's guaranteed to make the psychos toes curl up.

9)  Have his toes been curling up all through the last part of the game since he knew his sports team was going to win?

10)  Had it made your toes curl when you spoke in public?