to make your way back

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - make your way back

"to make your way back"

to strive to return to something, someone, or some place


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - make your way back

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Is your cat still missing?

Friend 2:  Yes, but I'm not worried.  She wanders off like this quite often.

Friend 1:  And you're really not worried she won't return?

Friend 2:  Not at all.  My cat always makes her way back home.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - make your way back

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  You and Christopher dated for almost three years.  What happened?

Friend 2:  I think he just lost interest and drifted off.  We never really broke up.

Friend 1:  Do you think you will see him again?

Friend 2:  I hope that after he deals with whatever life issues are troubling him that he will make his way back to me one day.

to make your way back - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,896   click for frequency by country

to make your way back - Gerund Form:

Making your way back to the trail after losing your way can be difficult.

to make your way back - Examples:

1)  As ice sheets melt, masses of bacteria and other microbes will make their way back into the environment they last inhabited hundreds of thousands of years ago.

2)  They had been trying to make their way back through 800 miles of frozen wastes after their successful attempt on the South Pole.

3)  Make your way back down to the water and follow Wharf Street along to the bottom of Pandora Street.

4)  You have lunch, maybe a snooze on the beach and make your way back to your hotel to get ready for an evening of sangria and paella.

5)  After an hour on the sail we make our way back through the tunnel.

6)  After spending a few more minutes in the lower area, we make our way back to the apartment for a bit of shopping and some morning tea with patisseries.

7)  Those pilgrims will now be making their way back to their home countries.

8)  The evening sun was going down and the red crabs were making their way back home.

9)  By this stage I was getting hungry so I started to make my way back to the car.

10)  After this workout, I'd make my way back to the top of Grafton Street for afternoon tea at the Shelbourne Hotel.

11)  Maybe, when it's all done, he'll make his way back to her. 

12)  To turn around and make his way back home seemed to be the only sane thing to do.

13)  After the post-protest rioting had subsided, Paul was making his way back to the family's Springhill Avenue home with his brother Christopher.

14)  Carefully carrying his fishing tackle, he was already making his way back to the mainland across a bridge of flat stepping-stones.

15)  We turned back on the Saturday, making our way back home via Ottawa, our nation's Capital.

16)  After lunch, Rashid explained we would slowly start making our way back to camp and pick up the safari again the next day.

17)  Making my way back home seemed too dangerous, so I decided to stick around.

18)  After a two month break I'm making my way back to some consistent training.

19)  He said he suspects that the whale would have to make its way back north to survive because the food supply will dry up in the fall.

20)  I feel that this is the opportunity to help the Club make its way back to the Football League.