(to be) a man of means

Idiom Definition

"to be a man of means"

to be wealthy;

to have a lot of money

Idiom Definition - to be a man of means


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be a man of means

Craig is a successful salesperson.  He has been making a good deal of money for the past five years.  Craig has invested his money well.  Because of these wise investments Craig is now a rich man.

Craig is a man of means.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be a man of means

Brian owns eight luxury cars.  He has mansions in five cities around the world.  He also owns a yacht.  Brian is the president of many successful companies.

Brian is a man of means.

to be a man of means - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   65   click for frequency by country

to be a man of means - Gerund Form:

Being a man of means can carry a lot of responsibility.

to be a man of means - Examples:

1)  I am a man of means because I am rich.

2)  You are a man of means because you have a lot of money.

3)  He is a man of means if he controls a financial empire.

4)  We are men of means because we are successful.

5)  You (all) are men of means if you (all) have large bank accounts.

6)  They are men of means because they are wealthy.

7)  Joseph Osborn was a keen sportsman, a successful racehorse owner and a man of means.

8)  He was not such a man of means. The household that would barely make ends meet was borne by him.

9)  In the east, any man of means had at least one concubine as well as a wife.

10)  As an educated man of means, he photographs what he owns, where he travels and what interests him.

11)  He was now a man of means and meant to make his mark.

12)  I am prima facie satisfied that the husband is a man of means

13)  He is probably a man of means. I can not imagine that his other women are not getting any financial help.

14)  After becoming a man of means, he would send a proposal to the daughter of a village chief.

15)  There is no way a man of God would pray with a man of means without receiving any " brown envelope.

16)  This same money is loaned to businesses, governments, and men of means, at a high rate of interest.

17)  I would call all four of them men of means, because they all had wealth like that of Omenuko.

18)  Another committee of men of means and influence should be formed to raise the necessary resources.

19)  I have also attracted and influence men of means to donate and endow funds to the university.

20)  They were landowners who could supply the temple, they were men of means.