a big deal
a big spender
a blowhard
a bolt out of the blue
a cold fish
a come on
a fly on the wall
a freak-out
a getaway
a high-flier
a high-flyer
a let down
a little bird told me
a little birdie told me
a pipe dream
a put-down
a shot in the dark
a smart cookie
a weight off your shoulders
a whale of a time
a white lie
a word to the wise
ace up your sleeve
act the part
affair of the heart
after all
ahead of the game
all ears
all over
all right
all over the place
as busy as a beaver
as busy as a bee
at cross purposes
back against the wall
back at square one
back into the swing of things
back off
back to square one
back to the wall
bad times
balance the books
ballpark figure
bang your own drum
bark up the wrong tree
bat a thousand
be seeing you
bean counter
bear down
beat around the bush
beat the traffic
beat your own drum
beats me
bee's knees
behind the times
bend over backwards
bet the farm
bet your bottom dollar
big cheese
big fish
bigger fish to fry
bird's eye view
bite off more than you can chew
bite the bullet
bite your tongue
black and blue
black and white
black look
black mood
black or white
blow off steam
blow your own horn
blow your own trumpet
blow your top
bolt from the blue
boot up your computer
bored to death
bored to tears
bottom line, the
brand spanking new
break a leg
break in
break the ice
bring home the bacon
bring it on
brush up on
brush up on
burn your bridges
bury the hatchet
butterflies in your stomach
buy off
by hook or by crook
by the way
call a spade a spade
call it a day
call off
call the shots
calm down
came out wrong
can tell
can't begin to
can't even begin to
can't make head or tail of it
can't tell you
cap in hand
carry the can
carry your heart on your sleeve
carry your own weight
cash on the barrel
cash on the barrelhead
cash on the nail
casual Friday
catch in the act
catch red-handed
catch up on something
catch up with someone
catch up with something
catch wind of
caught between a rock and a hard place
chain of command
chalk out
change your mind
chill out
clean as a whistle
clean out
clean up
clear sailing
clear the air
climb on the bandwagon
clutch at straws
come again
come back
come from
come in
come on
come on to
come out
come out of the closet
come short
come straight to the point
come up
come up with
comes to light
comes with the territory
compare notes
control freak
cook your goose
cotton on to
couch potato
could eat a horse
count for
count on
count your lucky stars
cover for someone
crack down
crack the whip
crank up
cream of the crop
cross the Rubicon
cry wolf
cut a fine figure
cut a rug
cut it out
cut out the dead wood
cut someone some slack
cut to the chase
dark horse
dawn on
dead giveaway
dead set
dead to the world
dead-end job
deal with
dirty look
do an about face
dog tired
donkey work
donkey's years
down in the dumps
down to brass tacks
down to earth
down to the wire
draw attention to
draw away
draw fire
draw fire
dress down day
dress the part
drive a hard bargain
drop a bombshell
drop the ball
drown your sorrows
duck in
duck out
duck soup
duck soup
dump someone
dwell on
eager beaver
ear candy
ear to the ground
ears turn red
ease off
ease up
easy come, easy go
eat your words
egg on
every cloud has a silver lining
eye opener
face the music
fall down
fall in love
fall off the wagon
fall short
falling down
fast track
fat cat
fed up
feel blue
feel out of sorts
feeling in your bones
fight a losing battle
fight a running battle
figure out
fill in for someone
fill someone in
find out
finish up
first crack at
first of all
fit to be tied
flog a dead horse
floor it
fly off the handle
foot the bill
for once
for the birds
freak out
freak someone out
from soup to nuts
from time to time
full of hot air
game changer
get a head start
get a jump on
get a move on
get along on a shoestring
get along with someone
get around to
get away
get away with something
get back
get back at
get back to
get by on a shoestring
get clear of
get down to
get hitched
get in the way
get into
get it
get it off your chest
get it out of your system
get nowhere
get off your high horse
get on it
get on the bandwagon
get on with it
get on your soapbox
get out
get out of
get over
get someone into something
get someone out of something
get straight to the point
get the green light
get the lead out
get the picture
get the runaround
get the short end of the stick
get the wrong end of the stick
get through
get to the bottom of something
get your act together
get your ducks in a row
get your foot in the door
get your goat
get your head around
get your wires crossed
give a hand
give a head start
give any thought to
give it a rest
give no quarter
give off
give someone a headache
give someone the shirt of my back
give the cold shoulder
give the green light
go after
go ahead
go ahead with
go ape
go away
go cold turkey
go easy
go easy on
go easy with
go flat out
go fly a kite
go for broke
go for it
go hand in hand
go in one ear and out the other
go mental
go missing
go off
go off half cocked
go on
go out on the razzle
go out on the town
go over someone's head
go overboard
go through
go through hell
go through the roof
go to hell in a handbasket
go to the dogs
go with
go with the flow
go over
going on
golden boy
grab the bull by the horns
grasp at straws
gray matter
green fingers
green thumb
green with envy
grey matter
hand in
hang in there
hang on
hang out with
hanging over your head
happy as a clam
happy as a lark
happy camper
hard time
hard to miss
hat in hand
have a ball
have a bee in your bonnet
have a head start
have a leg up
have a point
have a shot at
have a stormy brow
have a yellow streak
have an affair
have an edge
have eyes on
have the floor
have time on your hands
have your act together
have your hands full
head down
head out
head over
head up
heads up
hear it on the grapevine
hear it through the grapevine
hedge your bets
hell bent
hen night
here we go
high points
hightail it
hit a snag
hit it off
hit the bottle
hit the hay
hit the head
hit the nail on the head
hit the roof
hit the sack
hold the fort
hold up your end
hold your horses
Holy cow!
Holy crap!
hop on the bandwagon
hop to it
house of cards
hunker down
I bet
I figured as much.
I told you so
if all else fails
ill at ease
I'll be damned!
in a pickle
in and out
in black and white
in black books
in front of
in good hands
in light of
in over your head
in shape
in spades
in the bank
in the black
in the dark
in the distance
in the doghouse
in the driver's seat
in the loop
in the nick of time
in the pink
in the red
ins and outs
it wouldn't hurt to
It's on me
jack up the price
jump on the bandwagon
jump the gun
jump to conclusions
just for once
just in case
just like that
keep an eye on
keep at arm's length
keep it under your hat
keep someone in the dark
keep up
keep your chin up
keep your ears open
keep your eyes open
keep your eyes peeled
keep your head above water
keep your pants on
keep your pecker up
keep your shirt on
keep your spirits up
kept in the dark
kick a ball around
kick around an idea
kick around somewhere
kick at the can
kick at the cat
kick off something
kick someone around
kick someone off something
kick the bucket
kicking around somewhere
kill two birds with one stone
kind of
kiss up to
knock it off
know the drill
know the ropes
know the score
know what's what
land on your feet
laugh it off
lay down the law
lay low
lay the groundwork
lay your cards on the table
leap of faith
leap to conclusions
least of all
leave alone
leave behind
leave out
leave the door open
left in the dark
legal eagle
let alone
let bygones be bygones
let go
let someone down
let the cat out of the bag
let up
let's go
level the playing field
lie low
like a dog with two tails
like a fish out of water
like crazy
like mad
loan shark
look after
look forward to
look in on
look into
look like a drowned rat
look like something the cat dragged in
look over
look the part
lose face
lose your head
lose your shirt
lose your temper
love handles
mad as a hatter
make a beeline for
make a pig's ear of
make a pit stop
make a run for it
make do
make it worth your while
make out like a bandit
make something count
make time for
make up for
make your own bed
make your toes curl
make your way back
man enough
man of means
mind you
mind your own beeswax
mind your own business
miss the point
moaning Minnie
most of all
move on
move the goalposts
movers and shakers
mum's the word
nerves of steel
never mind
nip it in the bud
no brainer
no dice
no skin off my nose
no way
nod off
nosey parker
not have a prayer
not long for this world
not so much
not your cup of tea
off base
off the hook
off the top of your head
off the wall
off your rocker
oh dear
Oh my God
oh, Jesus
Oh, man
old man
on a roll
on board
on cloud nine
on hand
on it
on last legs
on pins and needles
on purpose
on standby
on that note
on the ball
on the bright side
on the case
on the fence
on the rocks
on the same wavelength
on the wagon
on the warpath
on the whole
on to something
on track
on your game
on your toes
once in a blue moon
open up
out and about
out of action
out of control
out of line
out of shape
out of the blue
out of the question
out on a limb
outside chance
over the moon
over your head
pain in the neck
paint the town
party animal
pass the buck
pay lip service
pick and shovel work
pick holes in
pick out
pick someone's brain
pick to pieces
piece of cake
piece of the pie
pig out
pissed off
pitch in
plain as day
plain sailing
play by ear
play catch-up
play hooky
play it by ear
plead the fifth
plug away
poker face
pop off
pound the pavement
preach to the choir
press your luck
psych up
pull a fast one
pull someone's leg
pull the plug
pull together
pull up your socks
pull yourself together
pull something together
punch out
pure as the driven snow
push your luck
put a sock in it
put down
put down roots
put it in a nutshell
put off
put off by
put on the Ritz
put one over on
put two and two together
put under a microscope
put under the microscope
put up with
put you in the picture
put your best foot forward
put your cards on the table
put your feet up
put your foot down
put your foot in your mouth
put your money where your mouth is
put your two cents worth in
quiet as a cat
quiet as a mouse
raining cats and dogs
read between the lines
reality check
red tape
red-letter day
rest on your laurels
ride shotgun
right as rain
rile up
rings a bell
rip into
rip out
rock the boat
roll out the red carpet
rule of thumb
run a fever
run a temperature
run a tight ship
run out of
run out of steam
run out of time
rush hour
rush to conclusions
saddled with
scare the hell out of
scare the pants off
scope out
screw you
see eye to eye
see red
see stars
see the light
seems to me
set someone straight
set the bar
shape up or ship out
show of hands
show someone the ropes
show up
shy away from
sick and tired
sick to death
sit on the fence
sitting on top of the world
slave driver
sleep like a baby
sleep on it
slip up
smell a rat
smoke like a chimney
smooth sailing
so far
son of a bitch
sort of
sound out someone
sounds as if
sounds like
speak the same language
speak your mind
spic and span
spill the beans
spot on
spot on the money
stand a chance
stand behind
stand by
stand up to
start afresh
start over
steer clear of
step into
step up
stick by
stick in the mud
stick to your guns
stick up for
stick with it
stick with it
stick your neck out
straight from the horse's mouth
stuck in a rut
stuck with
stuffed shirt
suck it up
suck up to
surf the net
surf the web
take a break
take a breather
take a crap
take a dump
take a leak
take a pee
take a seat
take a swing at
take a whiz
take back
take care
take care of
take French leave
take in
take it
take it easy
take stock
take the bull by the horns
take the fifth
take the gloves off
take up arms
take your hat of to
take lightly
talk shop
talk through your hat
talk to me
talk turkey
tall order
teach someone the ropes
tear into
tell you what
thank your lucky stars
that depends
that makes two of us
that'll be the day
that's all there is to it
that's it
That's on us
that's right
the big picture
the black sheep
the boys in blue
the buck stops here
the gloves are off
the go-ahead
the hell
the lion's share
the nuts and bolts
the odds are stacked against
the salt of the earth
the thing is
the tipping point
think a lot of
think ahead
think highly of
think much of
think out
think the world of
think through
think well of
throw caution to the wind
throw in
throw in with
throw someone a bone
thus far
tick off (people)
tick-off (things)
tiger by the tail
time's up
tip the waiter
tire kicker
to be a cheapskate
to be gay
to be into
to be on the ropes
to be rusty
to bitch
to come on
to go ahead
to greenlight
to hell with
to hurl
to rule
to suck
to take the floor
toe the line
too big for your boots
toot your own horn
toot your own whistle
tough call
tough times
track down
turn a blind eye
turn around and leave
turn off
turn on
turn over a new leaf
turn the tables
under the gun
under the weather
until the cows come home
until you are blue in the face
up in arms
up in the air
up to par
up to scratch
up to snuff
up to somebody
up to speed
up to the mark
vent your spleen
wait for the other shoe to drop
wait for your ship to come in
wait out
wake up
walk into
walk it off
walk off
walk off the job
walk right into
wander off
wash off
washed up
watch over
watch your ass
water off a duck's back
ways and means of
wear a stormy brow
wear the pants
wear the trousers
wear your heart on your sleeve
wet behind the ears
wet blanket
what about
What are you waiting for? Christmas?
what do you say
what say
What's up?
What's your point?
white elephant
will have to do
wimp out
wing it
with me
without a hitch
without fail
wolf in sheep's clothing
woman of means
work out
work yourself up to
wouldn't say boo to a goose
you bet
you have got to be kidding
you know
you must be kidding
zip your lip