to meet someone halfway

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Idiom Definition - meet halfway

"to meet someone halfway"

to compromise


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - meet halfway

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Well? How did the negotiations go? Did you make a deal?

Colleague 2:  No. Neither side was willing to compromise on its key negotiables.

Colleague 1:  Both parties really need this deal. It is a win-win situation.

Colleague 2:  What do you suggest?

Colleague 1:  Continue the negotiations and find a strategy that allows both parties to meet halfway on the most crucial details. Be willing to give a little to get a little.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - meet halfway

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  So, are you going to sell me your old computer?

Friend 2:  I'd like to but three hundred dollars is just not enough. The computer is easily worth four hundred.

Friend 1:  I would rather not pay more than three hundred but I do want the computer. I'll meet you halfway and give you three hundred and fifty.

Friend 2:  Deal!

to meet someone halfway - Usage:


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to meet someone halfway - Gerund Form:

Meeting your spouse halfway when you are having an argument leads to a happy marriage.

to meet someone halfway - Examples:

1)  They wanted to change it and we are trying to meet them halfway.

2)  You have to meet them halfway, with little flags on the table, and make peace with each other.

3)  ... expected to work down a dead end path forever. The government must meet them halfway by establishing humane working conditions and ensuring that the wages they earn provide them with ...

4)  ... between commercial priorities and technology's ability to deliver -- marketers need to meet them halfway.

5)  "We made huge efforts to meet them halfway," he wrote hours after talks reached an impasse over a reform-for-cash deal that ...

6)  ... the majority of the time they have been very receptive and tried to meet us halfway.

7)  We would like the city to meet us halfway and find a settlement that both meets the needs of our city, and the ...

8)  ... so we want to see if landlords are prepared to meet us halfway if students step up and do some of the work as well.

9)  But we need states and institutions to meet us halfway by doing more to keep college costs down.

10)  ... but if they do not meet you halfway it will be difficult to keep the friendships going.

11)  They will meet you halfway. If you put in the effort then they are more than willing to go ...

12)  They don't even want to meet you halfway with your travelling expenses, i.e. petrol. I'm refusing to be exploited, ...

13)  ... now I feel that I've gone halfway and that they have to meet me halfway. I'm not going any further.

14)  I'm not asking for favors, just meet me halfway

15)  ... impossible to convince him to follow your plan completely, but you can meet him halfway.

16)  Refusing this concession risked punishment. I had to meet him halfway.

17)  ... unreasonable and ask for things outside of your principles, be prepared to meet him halfway, while not compromising your principles.

18)  The cardinals met them halfway, picking a non-Roman but Italian archbishop whom they hoped would ...

19)  ... with the way management handled their complaints. We have managed to meet halfway.

20)  Meet halfway and contribute an equal amount to the relationship.