mind like a sponge

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - mind like a sponge

"mind like a sponge"

to have a very quick and incisive mind;

to be able to understand things very quickly


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - mind like a sponge

"mind like a sponge"

to be able to keep things in memory exceptionally well and for a long period of time


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - mind like a sponge

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Susan is really quite brilliant, isn't she? I had been working on a really difficult problem for hours and finally decided to ask Susan for help. Within ten minutes, she had solved the problem.

Colleague 2:  Susan has a mind like a sponge. She is highly intelligent.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - mind like a sponge

Two teachers are talking ...

Teacher 1:  Do you have young Stacey in your class? She has got to be one of the brightest students I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. She understands everything instantly and always asks for more. She can also make some amazing connections between various subjects.

Teacher 2:  Yes. Stacey is a marvel. She has a mind like a sponge. Sometimes it is a real challenge to give her enough studies to keep her occupied and interested.

mind like a sponge - Usage:


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mind like a sponge - Gerund Form:

Having a mind like a sponge, she solved the puzzle in record time.

mind like a sponge - Examples:

1)  He was always the boy most likely to achieve. Mind like a sponge. Confident. Happy.

2)  ... wrote shorthand as quickly as any legal secretary, has a mind like a sponge and is a chameleon with undeniable presence and charm.

3)  And yet beneath this warmth and gloss lies a mind like a sponge. He is able to take the very emotional business of working front of house ...

4)  He has a mind like a sponge. He had the media skills to explain complex issues in simple language and deliver ...

5)  He had a mind like a sponge - you were never left wondering what he thought, about anything.

6)  Peter has a mind like a sponge. He rattles off 79 years of dates, people, places and experiences without ...

7)  ... was a wonderful asset because until the end she had a mind like a sponge and still remembered each girl's story.

8)  While she has a very tough mind - a mind like a sponge - she has a warm and generous heart.

9)  And above all, a mind like a sponge, a memory like a sponge.

10)  He's got a mind like a sponge. And he has a business mind - it's intuitive, he doesn't ...

11)  She is as sharp as a razor and has a mind like a sponge.

12)  Coates is a 67-year-old lawyer, he has a mind like a sponge, he remembers word for word conversations held years ago. 

13)  That man had a mind like a sponge, and he could handicap. What took him 10 seconds took me a half-hour. 

14)  Jim has a mind like a sponge. He remembers something I had said when we were rehearsing when he's doing a scene two months later.

15)  If you have a friend or loved one who has a mind like a sponge when it comes to Marvel facts, this trivia card game could give them the perfect ...

16)  Google Home spits out its recipes quickly, so you need to play close attention and have a mind like a sponge to remember it all.

17)  Kelly has a mind like a sponge, but, can make the occasional mistake or oversight, which only proves she's human.

18)  I remember when I had a mind like a sponge, something an elephant would envy. I would read or hear something, and there would be instant ...

19)  She had a mind like a sponge and could detect a crime or a cover-up from a mile away.

20)  Wilson has a mind like a sponge. He remembers the date, score, players and even big plays in games that are easily 20-plus years old.