mind you

Idiom Definition

"mind you"

a phrase used to introduce a piece of information related to or supporting the main idea

Idiom Definition - mind you


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - mind you

Two executives are talking ...

Executive 1: I'm a little worried about the sales figures for our innovative new product.

Executive 2:  Yes.  Sales could be better.

Executive 1:  A little better would be good, although I don't think we need to make a huge profit, mind you, just enough to show that the new product concept is viable.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - mind you

A husband and wife are talking ...

Husband: How early do you think we should leave on our hike Saturday morning?

Wife:  I don't think we need to leave at the crack of dawn.

Husband:  Mind you, if we do leave quite early, we can be at the summit by noon.

mind you - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   12,235   click for frequency by country

mind you - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for mind you.

mind you - Examples:

1)  He ate chop suey at each and every house. Not just one bowl, mind you, but at least two and he did not like chop suey.

2)  This is no easy task, mind you, but it's one that yields a large benefit with minimal new investment.

3)  I sent a screenplay around. Not just any screenplay, mind you, but the screenplay of a late-show classic.

4)  As a suggestion, I'd stick to the breakfasts--not just eggs, mind you, the oatmeal, pancakes and fruit hit the spot as well.

5)  It's a difficult world in Herring's Camilla (a real town, mind you, just south of Albany, GA, with a population of 5,669).

6)  Nothing difficult, mind you, just a basic exercise to go through the motions.

7)  Anyone can make a Sol LeWitt painting. It might suck, mind you, but it's still a LeWitt if it follows the instructions. 

8)  I am running (in short spurts, mind you, but I still can run!).

9)  I didn't have nearly the mathematical background they did, mind you, most of mine -- nearly as I can describe it, are intuition.

10)  Descendants is a great script, hurt, mind you, by a uneven and largely expositional voiceover.

11)  I love the lovely pink color of the skin over the yolk. But, mind you, that is not "just right for many.

12)  Not that early abortions are any better, mind you, but this is nothing short of murder.

13)  Not all farmers had stills, mind you, since stills were very expensive pieces of equipment.

14)  I'm not actually planning a race in May, mind you, but in the past have done so.

15)  These are all good writers, mind you, but they also wrote some real stinkers.

16)  Not just once, mind you, but a few different times.

17)  The world is ending. Not right now, mind you, but we can rest assured that it will end.

18)  This is not an excuse for them, mind you, just an attempt at an explanation.

19)  Drobos did have issues (a small minority of the total shipments, mind you, but enough to create the perception).

20)  These I had to usher out. Not for my sake, mind you, but theirs.