to mind your own business

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - mind your own business

"to mind your own business"

to rudely tell someone not to ask about or interfere with something private or something that does not concern the asker


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - mind your own business

A brother and sister are talking ...

Brother:  Who was that on the phone?

Sister:  It doesn't concern you.

Brother:  It was your boyfriend wasn't it?  What did he want?

Sister:  It has nothing to do with you and it was a private phone call so please mind your own business.


Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - mind your own business

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Where's Harry?

Colleague 2:  The boss banished him to the copy room for the day.

Colleague 1:  What happened?

Colleague 2:  Harry listened in on one of the boss's phone calls and then started spreading rumors about the boss cheating on his wife.

Colleague 1:  Harry really needs to learn to mind his own business.

Colleague 2:  It would help him stay out of trouble.

to mind your own business - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,834   click for frequency by country

to mind your own business - Gerund Form:

Minding your own business is a good way to avoid trouble.

to mind your own business - Examples:

1)  Other than that, mind your own business, let me worry about my own safety and let me weigh ...

2)  Mind your own business and let others eat what they want.

3)  ... when in doubt mind your own business, don't get involved in local drama ...

4)  People really need to mind their own business, or be more open minded about the world around them.

5)  The unspoken compact on Danzig Street is that people will generally be left alone to mind their own business, and the police will ignore minor social disorder.

6)  I think that if people would just mind their own business this world would be a better place.

7)  I was told to mind my own business and not to be concerned with the business of others.

8)  Do you think that I should confront them or mind my own business because they are friends and people are beginning to talk!

9)  biting my lips every time I think about contacting him, but I managed to mind my own business.

10)  His father tells him to mind his own business and not investigate.

11)  ... it's certainly a person who can't mind his own business and maintain boundaries.

12)  If SL has guts, ask this idiot to mind his own business without interfering internal matters of the country.

13)  They are all other peoples problems and we should mind our own business

14)  But, my husband said that we would each mind our own business and not meddle with each other.

15)  Or, alternatively, we could all mind our own business and leave them to mind theirs.

16)  She knows none of the details so should mind her own business.

17)  ... that Ms. Miller should mind her own business and not interfere in the independence of the BBC. 

18)  ... the student may not understand why the teacher did not just mind her own business and leave things alone.

19)  If you are a peaceful person who minds his own business, then you are not harming anyone.

20)  Then I realised, he's not a person, who minds his own business. He takes active interest in your career too.