to mind your Ps and Qs

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - mind your Ps and Qs

"to mind your Ps and Qs"

to be careful to be well behaved and polite


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - mind your Ps and Qs

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  We've got that Japanese delegation coming to the offices today.

Colleague 2:  OK?

Colleague 1:  Let's be careful to mind our Ps and Qs and not say anything that might offend them.

Colleague 2:  So no lewd jokes or funny stories?

Colleague 1:  It would be best to stick to safe subjects like how their flights were and the weather. Best just to talk business. It might also be a good idea to review the guide on Japanese customs and practices.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - mind your Ps and Qs

Two mothers are visiting ...

Mrs Jones:  Thanks for inviting us over for a visit. It is nice to get out of the house.

Mrs Smith:  Our pleasure. I am sure the children will be happy to play together.

Mrs Jones's Child: Mrs Smith? Could I have a cookie?

Mrs JonesMind your Ps and Qs!

Mrs Jones's Child:  Sorry. Mrs Smith? May I have a cookie, please?

to mind your Ps and Qs - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   27   click for frequency by country

to mind your Ps and Qs - Gerund Form:

Minding your Ps and Qs when grandmother comes to visit is mandatory.

to mind your Ps and Qs - Examples:

1)  Thankfully, no more do you have to mind your Ps and Qs when you visit these informal resto-bars. They are hip, uppity and ...

2)  If you were ever told to "mind your Ps and Qs" you knew to behave your best. 

3)  ... this is a family magazine. You have to mind your Ps and Qs.

4)  ... those white South Africans who go to great lengths to mind their Ps and Qs, honestly believing the things they feel and say are not racist.

5)  So administration would be well advised to mind their Ps and Qs, bar their Ts and dot their Is. Because they are non-scheduled employees and ...

6)  ... more of a courtship element, where people have to mind their Ps and Qs, you know, you can't be immediately racist on your profile. 

7)  ... campaign commissioned by China's state-run broadcaster cajoling Chinese travelers to mind their Ps and Qs while traveling overseas. 

8)  ... welcome visitors to a different sort of town, where folk mind their Ps and Qs and clean up their own mess.

9)  ... a bit strong -- but when you tell a child to mind their Ps and Qs otherwise they'll roast in hell, then that is tantamount to child abuse.

10)  ... so he was forced to "mind his Ps and Qs" or get into financial trouble.

11)  ... and the courage to refuse to kow-tow to political correctness or mind his Ps and Qs. Holding a road march without permission, ...

12)  ... he's keen to mind his Ps and Qs and give the floor to someone else.

13)  We did try and mind our Ps and Qs and we didn't get in any trouble!

14)  As children we had to mind our Ps and Qs or scamper out of the way at her approach.

15)  Minding your Ps and Qs in London is akin to respectful bows and nods in Singapore. Stiff upper lips ...

16)  I'm ex-army so I've had to mind my Ps and Qs while dealing with them on the phone -- but they never address the issue.

17)  ... where too many MPs spend too much time minding their Ps and Qs. In such a risk-averse world, where mistakes get magnified out of all ...

18)  No longer 'minding their Ps and Qs', Britons are eschewing the traditional expression in favour of slang terms such as ...

19)  ... have a prime minister's spouse who stays at home, minds her Ps and Qs, knows her place as child-raiser and wife.

20)  For example, he tells me that not everyone "minds their Ps and Qs and doesn't swear" at the club, and if there were "ladies ...