(to be) a moaning Minnie

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - moaning Minnie

"(to be) a moaning Minnie"

someone who complains a lot, usually about minor, unimportant things


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - moaning Minnie

A mother and child are interacting ...

Child:  My cereal is mushy. It's too cold in here. This seat is uncomfortable. I'm bored.

Mother:  Please don't be such a moaning Minnie.  Everything is fine.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - moaning Minnie

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I'm so tired of my job.

Colleague 2:  Get a new one.

Colleague 1:  My life is so boring.

Colleague 2:  Do something exciting.

Colleague 1:  My marriage is falling apart.

Colleague 2:  Is that all you can do? Whine and complain? Maybe if you weren't such a moaning Minnie, your life would be better.

(to be) a moaning Minnie - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   12   click for frequency by country

(to be) a moaning Minnie - Gerund Form:

Being a moaning Minnie won't win you any friends.

(to be) a moaning Minnie - Examples:

1)  ... and branded her a 'moaning Minnie' for complaining about her life on the Shadsworth Estate in Blackburn, Lancashire.

2)  I don't want to sound like a moaning Minnie but this was the worst road I've ever cycled!

3)  ... high pitched whiny voice, the obvious' little man' complex, the moaning Minnie attitude to most issues ...

4)  I'm a bit of a moaning Minnie right now because I'm housebound and I do get cabin feverish.

5)  Afterward, Pardew did not want to come across as a "moaning minnie," but he thought the hand-ball call was harsh on Scott Dann.

6)  People whingeing about the price of tickets. Well next time you're in the company of one such moaning minnie you might want to drop this diamond encrusted nugget ...

7)  I wanted to make sure I didn't sound like a moaning minnie.

8)  And it’s damn well time moaning minnie businessmen realise it’s about helping others, not just themselves.

9)  I hate to be a moaning Minnie but it does seem that some of our ministers are going in front of the media and are completely unable to answer very predictable questions.

10)  My mother used to say, 'Don't be a moaning Minnie.' It happens as you get older - there are times when you wake up in the middle of the night and you start to worry.

11)  Seems I’m also instantly painting myself as something of a moaning Minnie, and I’m not at all – mostly.

12)  You've only to look on the Facebook page to see what a load of old moaning Minnie's some folks are!

13)  Strangely enough, Team Tenacity lost the task and moaning minnie Pamela Uddin was finally silenced when Lord Sugar fired her.

14)  For the next 20-odd years, she became the very same Moaning Minnie she had for so long despised, endlessly muttering about ‘treachery with a smile on its face’.

15)  Or you can stop being a Moaning Minnie and eat here in this glorious dining room that is part classic French brasserie ...

16)  A very nasty email saying she didn’t like any of my stupid suggestions, and I’d made her ‘feel worse’. Yes, another Moaning Minnie

17)  ... it would no longer be seen as such a constantly moaning minnie!!..... and would be more respected!

18)  ... who many viewers will have written off as a moaning minnie ...

19)  Moaning Minnie: If Julie Kirkbride finds it so hard bringing up a child and being in Parliament, either she or her husband should not be there.

20)  A wasted opportunity really, and what's worse is that the next companion will be reduced to the same status of moaning minnie for most of her stories.