to monkey with

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - monkey with

"to monkey with"

to ​touch, ​change, or ​use something in a ​careless or ​harmful way


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - monkey with

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Is your motorcycle not working?

Friend 2:  No, but I hope that I can get it running.

Friend 1:  Do you know how to fix a motorcycle?

Friend 2:  No, but I hope that if I monkey with it enough, I can manage to get it running.

Friend 1:  Hopefully, you don't make things worse.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - monkey with

Two accountants are talking ...

Accountant 1:  What have you done to the financial statements? They aren't balancing.

Accountant 2:  I thought that if I adjusted a couple of figures that the statements would look better.

Accountant 1:  Right, and when you aren't really sure of what you are doing and you monkey with things, the outcome can be quite harmful.

Accountant 2:  Sorry.

to monkey with - Usage:


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to monkey with - Gerund Form:

Monkeying with your lawn-mower's carburetor could cause it to stop working.

to monkey with - Examples:

1)  ... a WordPress installation that does a lot of things well but invisibly, rather than monkeying with scripts, plugins or some crazy server language I don't want to ...

2)  Monkeying with the normal rules of criminal process could involve a human rights challenge - ...

3)  ... a strong precautionary principle should apply before we decide to start monkeying with the relationship between national groups and states.

4)  ... it is very clear that any monkeying with the system is likely to disrupt the equilibrium.

5)  A community of enthusiasts monkeying with hardware might be able to sustain the development of current and future Epiphany ...

6)  Get your IT person to do it if you are not comfortable monkeying with your Exchange server setup and client registry settings. 

7)  All this monkeying with the schedule leads to conspiracy theories.

8)  And that is ONLY the beginning, once they start monkeying with the system, it will only get worse, more red tape, ...

9)  Some folks who are currently monkeying with a beta version of the next iOS operating system for iPhones say they ...

10)  I have previously explained why I think monkeying with the payroll tax is a dreadful idea and won't repeat my argument ...

11)  The faucet was a real bitch to install and we had to monkey with it for a very long time just to get it to fit so ...

12)  In any case, you can't legally download Alien Thunder for free and monkey with it in Canada -- but you can in the U.S.

13)  ... allow you to store up to 8 tracks of entirely acoustic sound in memory, monkey with them, redraw them on screen, then master your CD directly from ...

14)  If breeders monkey with making bees less reactive to a little insecticide the bees will also ignore ...

15)  The technologically expert will always be able to monkey with their gear. The technologically inept -- 98% of consumers -- would rather ...

16)  It is NOT the Voters fault that these Republican Secretaries of State wanted to monkey with Voter Rolls in order to direct a win for their party's candidate ...

17)  The more government monkeys with anything (like FHA), the broker we all get.

18)  He and his Witherspoon funder monkeyed with the raw data, applying it to a target study group for which ...

19)  You would have thought that CBA wouldn't monkey with the compensation for the financial planning victims after their near-death encounter with a royal commission last year but then again, why wouldn't they?

20)  Personally, I'd love to see actors other than Microsoft employees monkey with Microsoft software for a few years.