to move heaven and earth

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - move heaven and earth

"to move heaven and earth"

to try very hard to do something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - move heaven and earth

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: When do we need to get this bid in by?

Colleague 2: Close of business today.

Colleague 1: That is simply not going to be possible. There is no way we can finish on time.

Colleague 2: The future of our business depends on winning this bid. We are going to have to move heaven and earth to get the bid submitted on time.

Colleague 1: OK. Let's get at it then. Let's get everyone involved. No breaks, no lunch, nothing but work until we are done.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - move heaven and earth

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Isn't Karen's wedding tomorrow?

Friend 2: Yes.

Friend 1: But Karen is out of town on business. How will she make it?

Friend 2: She told me that she would move heaven and earth to get back in time for her wedding. She said she would rent a car and drive all night if she had to.

Friend 1: Let's cross our fingers. Imagine missing your own wedding?

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to move heaven and earth - Usage:


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to move heaven and earth - Gerund Form:

Moving heaven and earth, she worked around the clock to accomplish the task.

to move heaven and earth - Examples:

1)  ... herself as a reformed political "couch potato" described how she would now move heaven and Earth to get her colleagues to support their local B.C. Liberal MLA in the ...

2)  ... around the clock to get their systems fixed. Our Administration will move heaven and earth to help them so we can get back up and running as quickly ...

3)  As an owner and friend to two dogs and a cat, I would move heaven and earth to be with them in their time of need.

4)  When you are in love you will move heaven and earth to be together.

5)  If that was my son or brother or relative, I would move heaven and earth to make sure they had a home somewhere. 

6)  ... being on time is an issue with me. I move heaven and earth to be on time for things. 

7)  If that were me and I was innocent I'd move heaven and earth to try to clear my name.

8)  ... but it really isn't a high school coach's job to move heaven and earth to get an athlete a college scholarship.

9)  And if they think you are hiding something from them, then they'll move heaven and earth to figure out what it is, especially if they think it could ...

10)  As I said earlier, I personally will move heaven and earth to help a customer.

11)  More than likely, you would move heaven and earth to make their life more tolerable.

12)  I mean when I search for low cost tickets I do not move heaven and earth. I would look through Make My Trip and a few other such ...

13)  Those never attractive female partners will move heaven and earth to make sure the cute girls don't get in.

14)  ... so manipulate their memory of me... I would move heaven and earth to remove my kids from the care of someone that twisted.

15)  This person has something to prove to the world and will move heaven and earth to succeed.

16)  Our carers will move heaven and earth to help you, if we have a good working relationship. 

17)  If she was innocent then she needs to move heaven and earth to prove her innocence.

18)  I want better and I will move heaven and earth to achieve it and tear down every barrier of will and of means ...

19)  The thing is, though, most of us would move heaven and earth for something we believe in.

20) ... treat it like a deadly disease, for so it is, and move heaven and earth to remove it, permanently.