mum's the word

Idiom Definition

"mum's the word"

to not speak (the truth);

to make the sound, "mmm", instead of speaking

Idiom Definition - mum's the word


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - mum's the word

Martha has found a new job.  She has given her employment notice to her boss and will finish work in one week.  Martha's coworkers have decided to give a surprise going away party for Martha even though Martha usually keeps her coworkers at arm's length.  One morning, Martha's coworkers are talking in the coffee room.  They are planning Martha's party when one coworker sees Martha entering the office.  The worker says to her coworkers...

"Shhhh!  Here comes Martha.  Mum's the word."

All of Martha's coworkers change the subject of conversation and say nothing of the party because the party is to be a surprise.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - mum's the word

A Director has called all his managers into his office ...

Thanks everyone for coming today.

There is going to be an announcement on Friday in which about half our workforce will be fired.

I needed to give you forewarning but your are not tell tell anyone.

Mum's the word, OK?

mum's the word - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   88   click for frequency by country

mum's the word - Gerund Form:

Saying Mum's the word is means that something is a secret.

mum's the word - Examples:

1)  So who are the three potential mystery buyers? Mum's the word on that score for the time being

2) I have one MASSIVE secret, that I am just bursting to share, but again, mum's the word, and it is heavily under wraps. 

3)  Read our article about toasting, and remember the cardinal rule: Mum's the word on the bachelor bacchanalia.

4)   Mum's the word. He told me to keep it quiet.

5)  As far as the media and Stephen Harper's religious affiliation goes it's been mum's the word.

6)  Mum's the word. We prefer to let our guests do the talking.

7)  Mum's the word! " on the millions we are making.

8)  Mum's the word when it comes to Christmas shopping.

9)  If you do recognise me... ssssshhhhh Mum's the word!

10)  There is revolution in the air. # Yet mum's the word in the rest of the media. 

11)  Another Apple based product about to launch too -- but Mum's The Word.

12)  Next week he'd tell' em but this week, no, Mum's the word.

13)  They can't be trusted at all. Mum's the word in front of them.

14)  When it comes to matters you know nothing about, mum's the word, Ms Knightley!

15)  Our intelligent Tamil brethren understood what she meant. Mum's the word when you talk separatism.

16)  Everywhere mum's the word. The UN isn't even in the picture.

17)  Much of the lame stream media seem to pretty much have the policy of mum's the word on this.

18) Whether you or I like it or not. # Sssshhhh... mum's the word, little ones... Remember, there were no victims here! 

19)  Mum's the word -- keep quiet, particularly about a certain secret.

20)  But organisers are playing their cards close to their chest. Mum's the word. I am actually dying to know which artists will perform.