neck of the woods

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - neck of the woods

"neck of the woods"

area, neighborhood or vicinity


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - neck of the woods

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Is that our old boss in talking with our new boss?

Colleague 2: It is. I wonder what he's doing in our neck of the woods. I thought he took a job uptown.

Colleague 1: He did. I suppose he had some other business downtown and decided to drop in and see how the new manager was doing.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - neck of the woods

Two people are talking on a street corner...

Local: You look a little lost. Can I help you with directions?

Visitor: Thanks. Yes. I'm not from this neck of the woods and I'm finding the street names a little confusing.

Local: The names are a little confusing until you get used to them. Those of us who grew up here don't really even think about it anymore. So, where are you going?

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neck of the woods - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   990   click for frequency by country

neck of the woods - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for neck of the woods.

neck of the woods - Examples:

1)  What's the hay like this year in your neck of the woods? Abundant or scarce? Are there unusual conditions driving the price up there too?

2)  In my neck of the woods neighbors who have small businesses are dismayed by the lack of walk in business.

3)  Even if the occasional exception exists (like in this neck of the woods,) the corporate elephants are simply too lugubrious, predictable, and conformist ...

4)  ... wife is keeping her fingers crossed for an academic post in our neck of the woods, she is starting to look at alternative career options.

5)  They're basically the same neck of the woods. Indeed, as far as latitudes go, they are.

6)  ... we have a chiropractor just like that here in our little neck of the woods.

7)  Spring has sprung in full force in my neck of the woods, and wow, is the pollen ever thick!

8)  Thanks so much for coming through and guest posting here in my neck of the woods

9)  In my neck of the woods, we really don't hire Admin. Assistants. Ours is a small engineering ...

10)  ... that's what's been up in our neck of the woods! What's up with you? I'd love to hear from you!

11)  ... places in the world, some exotic, some in our own neck of the woods.

12)  At least in my neck of the woods, the acceptance of divorce has lead to increasing selection pressures for men.

13)  If you need to find a race in your neck of the woods just check out

14)  Entry level jobs as a librarian are almost non-existent in my neck of the woods. And it's difficult to gain new skills because staffing levels are so low.

15)  ... tool for figuring out exactly when the eclipse will be in your neck of the woods is on NASA's eclipse page, where you'll find an interactive Google Map ...

16)  Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods, propane has gone down from $2.80 to $1.60 per gallon in the past 6 ...

17)  He comes from a place near Chicago - locality, neck of the woods, neighborhood, neighbourhood, vicinity - a surrounding or nearby region.

18)  ... all the area knitters would be thrilled to have you in our neck of the woods.

19)  ... Midwestern folks as we look forward to some shows coming to our neck of the woods in November.

20)  Turkey is something we do right in my neck of the woods, so feel free to stop in and have some any time you want juicy ...