to have nerves of steel

Idiom Definition

"to have nerves of steel"

to not be frightened or nervous in stressful situations or circumstances

Idiom Definition - to have nerves of steel


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to have nerves of steel

Picture an airplane full of people.  The airplane has just encountered some very bad turbulence.  Luggage is falling from the overhead rack.  The airplane is bouncing and jolting.  The oxygen masks have dropped from the ceiling.  All the passengers are very upset and afraid except one man.  This one man is calmly sipping his drink with a serene smile on his face.  This man has...

nerves of steel.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to have nerves of steel

Ned and his buddies are playing poker one Friday night.  The total bet is up to $250.00 when Ned raises the bet by another $100.00.  All the other players fold their hands and do not bet.  As it turns out, Ned's poker hand was no good.  Ned was bluffing but he displayed...

nerves of steel.

to have nerves of steel - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   211   click for frequency by country

to have nerves of steel - Gerund Form:

Having nerves of steel could make you an excellent gambler.

to have nerves of steel - Examples:

1)  I have nerves of steel because I remain calm in all circumstances.

2)  You have nerves of steel when you do not display fear when the lion attacks.

3)  He has nerves of steel if he is a race car driver.

4)  She has nerves of steel when she is negotiating a $10,000,000 contract.

5)  We have nerves of steel when it is the last minute of the game and we are winning by only one point.

6)  You (all) have nerves of steel if you (all) remain calm at the dentist's office.

7)  They have nerves of steel if they remain calm during a bank robbery.

8)  In other words, you have to have nerves of steel to do this, or you'll panic and sell.

9)  This Remembrance Day, we thank those who fought, lost friends, gained nerves of steel, gave all they could and refused to ever talk of the horror.

10)  Want to know what takes nerves of Steel? Investing $100,000 to start a business.

11)  Abraham was able to take a stand against World opinion. He had faith, nerves of steel and courage.

12)  Like artists and writers, entrepreneurs contend with extreme uncertainty. It requires nerves of steel.

13)  Competitive pistol shooting requires a steady hand, and nerves of steel.

14)  Lukas Rosol played a magnificent game of sustained brilliance with nerves of steel and unbelievable confidence.

15)  We congratulate ourselves on reaching the summit; nerves of steel and a sense of overwhelming achievement coursing through us.

16)  The key to surviving is silence, patience, and nerves of steel.

17)  It's good work, if you have the nerves of steel to keep your wits in the low-margin, high-stakes supercomputer racket.

18)  You need to focus on what is ahead and you need patience, nerves of steel and belief.

19)  Crossing it on wobbly rope bridges required nerves of steel.

20)  I want people to know that you don't have to have nerves of steel to enjoy thrillers or horror.