no spring chicken

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - no spring chicken

"no spring chicken"

no longer a young person;

a person well past youth


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - no spring chicken

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  My grandfather took me out hunting over the weekend and I was really surprised at how much slower he has become.

Friend 2:  Well, that is only natural.  He's no spring chicken anymore.

Friend 1:  I suppose people do slow down when they get older.  It is just that I have always seen my grandfather as strong and invincible.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - no spring chicken

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Do you suppose the boss will ever retire?

Colleague 2:  It seems inevitable. She is getting pretty old.

Colleague 1:  Old? She was no spring chicken when I started working here and that was twenty years ago.

no spring chicken - Usage:


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no spring chicken - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for no spring chicken.

no spring chicken - Examples:

1)  I'm 30, I'm no spring chicken so it's been nice to get some reward but one day doesn't make ...

2)  I was no spring chicken, so the prospect of setting up a comfortable life with him was appealing.

3)  I know I just turned 38 and I'm no spring chicken but getting your butt whooped by an 8 year old would have been to hard ...

4)  ... this thing for 20 years, and at age 70-plus, he's no spring chicken.

5)  At 29 Robin Van Persie is no spring chicken and as Arsenal fans know, he's prone to injury.

6)  But I am old and I am no spring chicken.

7)  I may not be "Elder Goth" but I am no spring chicken. I have been into the goth culture since 1984.

8)  ... voter since I became of age and I'm no spring chicken now at 54 ...

9)  And my license is an Australian Masters 5th category, so I am no spring chicken.

10)  After all, Imran was no spring chicken when he walked into the sunset aged 39, after a stellar international career.

11)  ... sexagenarians who matter to me. Even the tenant of my affections is no spring chicken. I'm not ageist. I even like some teenagers. 

12)  ... prospects or players who have performed OK at average clubs. Dembele is no spring chicken either. 

13)  The naysayers will never be happy, but Joe is no spring chicken himself, and there really isn't a young buck to pass the reigns to ...

14)  ... for the last month, but the body is hurting... I'm no spring chicken anymore! Need to take better care of my back!

15)  She is not very young. She is no spring chicken. She will work any job for chicken feed.

16)  And as I'm no spring chicken, I've no time to waste.

17)  ... prime of his career but at the age of 40, he is no spring chicken.

18)  ... a bikini to the beach? You must be joking. I'm no spring chicken, you know.

19)  I saw people old enough to be my parents and I'm no spring chicken at the wrong side of thirty.

20)  I'm no spring chicken having been out of school a very long time.