to nod off

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - nod off

"to nod off"

to go to sleep, often while sitting, usually unintended, often for a brief period of time


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - nod off

Two cousins are talking ...

Cousin 1:  I thought you were playing cards with Grandma.

Cousin 2:  I was but she nodded off in her chair.

Cousin 1:  She does get a little tired in the afternoon.  No wonder she fell asleep.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - nod off

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  Can I get your notes from this morning's civics class, please?

Student 2:  I only have notes from the first half of the class.

Student 1:  What happened?

Student 2:  The lecture was so boring that I nodded off half way through.

Student 1:  I can't believe you fell asleep in class.

to nod off - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   580   click for frequency by country

to nod off - Gerund Form:

Nodding off during a boring lecture is understandable.

to nod off - Examples:

1)  So there we sat in the booth of a hotel restaurant... watching our father nod off into his plate.

2)  Suddenly remembering at 10:30 at night just as I was about to nod off to sleep.

3)  Spacey and relaxing, there's nothing better to help you nod off.

4)  Those preparing to nod off for the hour at the back of the hall must have been jolted awake ...

5)  However at one point, I was so relaxed that I found myself beginning to nod off.

6)  ... in 2004 some 20 percent of drivers in Canada admitted to falling asleep or nodding off at the wheel during the last 12 months.

7)  ... moved the court once more for a continuance because of her sleepy client's repeatedly nodding off.

8)  As a result, many people were nodding off here and there since most of us were up at ...

9)  ... was told it wasn't safe due to how tired I was because I kept nodding off in between contractions ...

10)  It was a lousy film, Alun. Even you were nodding off towards the end.

11)  It was late in the afternoon, some were tired and nodded off to sleep.

12)  He stumbled over his words and sometimes nodded off in the afternoon sun.

13)  Then in her seventies, one afternoon she nodded off reading a book.

14)  ... later while working at my computer, I suddenly came over all drowsy and then nodded off completely.

15)  Sorry to say that I nearly nodded off during George Michael - one song would have been more than enough.

16)  ... to sleep during the day though without sitting on the rocker with her till she nods off ...

17)  ... at his club for dinner after which the Archbishop drinks both of their cognacs and nods off.

18)  ... have you ever spectated touring cars? On the longer circuits everyone nods off while the cars are round the other side.

19)  Mother of three, Eve Caleigh, nods off while her son Cam is playing in a park ...

20)  ... nods off at the steering wheel a little too often ...