off the beaten path

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - off the beaten path

"off the beaten path"

away from the frequently traveled routes;

not known or popular with many people


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - off the beaten path

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I heard you are going on a business trip to Kenya.

Colleague 2: How exciting, right?

Colleague 1: Are you planning to do any sightseeing while you are there?

Colleague 2: I've arranged a two-day safari way off the beaten path for when the conference is over. It is over an eight-hour drive from the capital and not a popular tourist destination.

Colleague 1: Sounds really interesting and remote. Just be careful.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - off the beaten path

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Where's Katy? It is almost time to leave for the movie theater.

Friend 2: You know Katy. She decided to go see another one of those strange foreign-language films. She has never really like mainstream movies.

Friend 1: You are right. Her taste in video has always been off the beaten path. Come to think of it, she never watches TV either.

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off the beaten path - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   809   click for frequency by country

off the beaten path - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for off the beaten path.

off the beaten path - Examples:

1)  ... spend your holiday walking from Asprokavos to Liapades, all the way staying off the beaten path and visiting little-known villages and beaches.

2)  This is a remote area where you can truly venture off the beaten path and experience nature, untouched landscape and traditional lifestyles.

3)  If you want to get off the beaten path and away from touristy places such as Senggigi, then we recommend ...

4)  ... with trips ranging from 2hours to full day trips, showing you areas off the beaten path. Fish with local guides offering expert local advise and the best fishing ...

5)  Move to a smaller town off the beaten path. Live a modest lifestyle.

6)  Having fun, off the beaten path, our goal was to see the countryside.

7)  ... is definitely one of discovery and the delight of veering off the beaten path to discover the many places not on your guide book's top ten list.

8)  They tend to be 'remote' or 'off the beaten path' -- on the top of a hill, off the side of the ...

9)  Once we land, be a courageous explorer. Go off the beaten path, and get lost in the feelings here. Converse with the locals, ...

10)  You definitely get to meet some interesting people when you get off the beaten path.

11)  You couldn't really blame him. Earth was badly positioned -- miles off the beaten path in a lonely and somewhat run-down part of the universe.

12)  ... the culture, live with the locals, savour the flavours, get off the beaten path... click on the map to explore the Edge of India!

13)  ... have yet to find their way back. Maybe they're so far off the beaten path now, they never will. Lost souls wandering in a juvenile never never ...

14)  We live in a very rural, sparsely populated and off the beaten path part of California.

15)  ... is a little off the beaten path and getting there can be a bit daunting.

16)  ... it has been known to rent a satellite phone to provide backup when off the beaten path.

17)  Way off the beaten path, the cozy little watering hole was almost never visited by anyone except the locals.

18)  ... nice people, really good food, lovely view, but a bit off the beaten path (you have to drive down a cliff through a jungle to get there).

19)  It's based on an idea to explore artists who are really off the beaten path. We did it first at Tate Modern a couple of years ago.

20)  Below we have featured some recommended tour operators who can get you off the beaten path and take you to places you could only ever dream of.