(to be) off the table

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - off the table

"(to be) off the table"

to be withdrawn or no longer available


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - off the table

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I heard you applied for a new job elsewhere.

Colleague 2:  I did and, in fact, I had an interview last week and was offered the job.

Colleague 1:  Did you accept the offer?

Colleague 2:  I haven't accepted the offer yet.

Colleague 1:  Well, don't wait too long or they may take the offer off the table.

Colleague 2:  You are right. They can't wait forever before rescinding the offer and looking for someone else.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - off the table

A state prosecutor and a lawyer are talking ...

Lawyer:  What is the offer? Is the State willing to negotiate an agreement?

Prosecutor:  The State is willing to drop all charges if your client will inform on his boss.

Lawyer:  Let me take it to my client and see if he agrees.

Prosecutor:  You have twenty-four hours to accept. Otherwise the deal will be off the table.

(to be) off the table - Usage:


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(to be) off the table - Gerund Form:

Being off the table, the deal was no longer available.

(to be) off the table - Examples:

1)  So that proposal, too, came off the table. With the list of options whittled down, ...

2)  The deal is believed to be off the table for now, at least. It is understood there was a major row ...

3)  ... life in prison without parole if the death penalty were to be taken off the table, but prosecutors declined the offer.

4)  It must do what needs to be done to get the nuclear file off the table. No movement with Iran is possible with that unresolved. 

5)  The committee has taken ranked ballots and list-type proportional representation systems off the table. Now it's time to figure out what a system could actually look like ...

6)  ... that element of the original package will be taken off the table effectively, or will be substantially reduced.

7)  The proposal called for a memorandum of understanding that would take sick leave off the table for this round, to be dealt with in a separate and independent process.

8)  ... free trade agreements are being underutilised, leading to significant opportunities being left off the table or missed, ...

9)  He also said that "nothing should be off the table" over all constitutional options for Scotland, including independence and federalism for different nations.

10)  ... and confirmed transatlantic flights by the airline was " off the table " for the next five to eight years. 

11)  Taking the prospect of a rate rise off the table is cause for jubilation on Wall Street.

12)  ... deal failed, warning he would consider all options and that nothing was off the table.

13)  ... company public this year to raise additional capital. But those plans are off the table after months of tumult in the online lending market.

14)  There are moments of real engagement, and then it slides off the table again.

15)  Nothing is off the table when we're talking about what could come next, ...

16)  While bulk funding has been taken off the table, for now, other agreed changes need scrutiny.

17)  The first scenario will likely be taken off the table, as it was dependent on classes starting back up before Nov. 16.

18)  Regulations aren't completely off the table, but they would be a "knee-jerk reaction" to recent attacks.

19)  ... in such a manner as to leave no doubt that this subject is off the table, closed, not to be broached by people with any interest in having you ...

20)  When conditions are uncertain, investors flee to safe havens and take risk off the table.