(to be) off the wall

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - off the wall

"(to be) off the wall"

to be unconventional;

to be strange, improbable, silly or unusual


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - off the wall

Two business partners who run a surfboard shop are talking ...

Partner 1:  We need to come up with some ideas to generate business.

Partner 2:  How about we come up with the story that Santa Clause vacations here and uses our surfboards?

Partner 1:  That's fairly off the wall but I like it.

Partner 2:  It is a little unusual but let's see if we can make it into something.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - off the wall

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Did you check out the boss's costume at the party Friday?

Colleague 2:  It was off the wall, especially for the boss.

Colleague 1:  I agree that is was doubly strange as the boss is usually so conservative.

(to be) off the wall - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,569   click for frequency by country

(to be) off the wall - Gerund Form:

Being off the wall, your absurd suggestion was ridiculed.

(to be) off the wall - Examples:

1)  ... read a book like this every year, whether it's something totally off the wall or a little more grounded ...

2)  Then the climax and conclusion was so off the wall that I was very dissapointed.

3)  ... and I'm a Democrat. But this is so far off the wall it's starting to get scary.

4)  Maybe this is an incomplete experiment, but it's not completely off the wall, either.

5)  Some people can surely make some off the wall dumb statements about something they have no knowedge of or ...

6)  Here is an idea that may sound a little off the wall, but it gets students engaged in self-assessment.

7)  ... and have their opinion respected, even if you think it is off the wall. " Saying "I never thought of it that way."

8)  ... is an award winning multimedia sketch comedy show that features hilarious sketches, off the wall short videos, costumes, music, and madness.

9)  And I simply can not entertain such an off the wall conspiracy theory.

10)  I didn't go searching for something zany or off the wall ...

11)  She is a bit off the wall when she is introduced but I think she is very believable once you get to ...

12)  ... you think that the majority of black people smoke crack? With an off the wall defensive statement like that it sure seems like you do.

13)  Before even considering such an off the wall idea, I suggest that Mr. Ansorge do some back of the envelop computations to ...

14)  Brace yourself, it may be a little off the wall ...

15)  So you want a realistic down-to-earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots?

16)  It sounds like a crazy thought. Off the wall. And, doubtless, unpopular with many folks.

17)  They say things-- completely absurd, off the wall, ...

18)  His websites are engaging, provocative, informative and sometimes off the wall, where you either like or you leave it.

19)  ... plan for a preannounced end of the world does not seem so much off the wall.

20)  This guy is so far off the wall. He is embarrassing.