old hat

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - old hat

"old hat"

to have existed or been known for a long time and to have become uninteresting and boring


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - old hat

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I just found a way I can bypass the company's firewall and check my FaceBook page at work.

Colleague 2: Are you using a proxy server?

Colleague 1: Yes. Why?

Colleague 2: That is so old hat. It isn't news to the rest of us. We've been doing that for years now.

Colleague 1: Why didn't anyone tell me?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - old hat

A couple are talking ...

Wife: New Year's Eve is coming up soon. Are we planning to go to the same restaurant for dinner and the same hotel for dancing as we have for the last ten years?

Husband: I was planning on making the reservations tomorrow. Why?

Wife: It is getting to be so old hat and I am tired of it. Couldn't we do something different this year?

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old hat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   675   click for frequency by country

old hat - Gerund Form:

Being old hat, the process was not even considered.

old hat - Examples:

1)  First installed in 1998, self-checkout lanes have improved significantly but are old hat now. 

2)  ... for copying their smartphone designs. So while some may find Apple's trick old hat now, no one else has figured out how to pull it off.

3)  I suspect that some of the issues he's concerned with will become old hat after awhile. 

4)  I know this is old hat for some, and the technique has been around for a while, but it ...

5)  Forget about those kick scooters or push scooters. Those are old hat and kids electric scooters are gaining ground. 

6)  And if the idea is so old hat, why aren't there more learning platforms like this?

7)  Cloning a new body for you will be old hat by 2046.

8)  ... this is based in your rather narrow world view. These stereotypes are so old hat. You really should talk to people outside your liberal circles. 

9)  ... so it's easy for media folk to say blogging is old hat and move on to the new. But blogging remains a valid form, and ...

10)  I know that non-monogamy is old hat to many of you, as it is to me as well. 

11)  I've probably done over 100 multi-event races, so this should be old hat.

12)  ... they have a few dozen catalogues suggesting that the project is pretty much old hat.

13)  Now you might say that's pretty old hat and there's nothing new about it, and you would be almost right.

14)  ... a bit of shopping of course and some sightseeing. It's probably old hat to the residents of Birmingham but I really enjoy wandering around their city.

15)  For the Canucks this is old hat, seeing as how they travel excessively all season long.

16)  Whether you are new to the online business space or "old hat" we have packages to suit you.

17)  For Canadians, of course, this is old hat: same-sex marriages have been recognized by the Canadian state since 2005.

18)  The same goes for social media. A simple Facebook page is old hat. Your campaigns must engage, amuse, and assist your customers before they're ...

19)  Yes. Several times. In the pharmaceutical industry, criminal charges are old hat. In a huge settlement in 2009, for instance, Pfizer Inc. pleaded guilty ...

20)  Well, they were fun at first but now are old hat.