(to be) on hand

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - on hand

"to be on hand"

to be ready and available


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - on hand

Two friends are talking at a grocery store ...

Friend 1:  Why are you buying so much bottled water?

Friend 2:  I like to have plenty of water on hand just in case of emergencies.

Friend 1:  I suppose it's wise to have the necessities in your home just in case.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - on hand

A husband and wife are talking ...

Husband:  I feel like making homemade pizza. Do we have the ingredients?

Wife:  Let me check and see what we have on hand.

Husband:  OK. You look in the pantry and I'll check the refrigerator.

to be on hand - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   11,191   click for frequency by country

to be on hand - Gerund Form:

Being on hand in case of emergencies shows good foresight.

to be on hand - Examples:

1)  Independent doctors should be on hand to help spot players that need to be removed from the game

2)  There will be a variety of food and other vendors on hand.

3)  But the lipstick doesn't leave my purse and so is always on hand for application.

4)  Reserves that banks are required by law to keep on hand to back up their deposits are called required reserves.

5)  The large supply of Canadian Red Cross dressings on hand saved the situation.

6)  A full-time female mechanic is also on hand to help customers with repairs.

7)  ... quite weak, with too much debt, and almost no equity or cash on hand for common shareholders.

8)  I work with what I have on hand.

9)  Microsoft keeps a great deal of cash on hand to be able to "jump" on opportunities that come about.

10)  Even if you are breastfeeding you'll want to have a little formula on hand in case you need to supplement.

11)  This should be a lesson to all to always have emergency supplies on hand.

12)  I always have weeks worth of food on hand.

13)  It was reported that at least 61,000 National Guard members are on hand to help with relief efforts.

14)  Have your Social Security number on hand when you call.

15)  Make sure to have extra firewood on hand and store it in a dry place away from the exterior of your home.

16)  We also keep various other OTC medications on hand just in case: cough syrup, Benadryl, Nyquil.

17)  The entire holder was made from things I had on hand.

18)  When appropriate, use products you already have on hand to do household chores.

19)  The administration believed that some means of protecting U.S. citizens should be on hand

20)  Packs of reporters and camera crews were on hand at the Capitol, hoping to catch Petraeus entering the highly-anticipated, closed-door hearing of ...