I'm on it

Idiom Definition

"I'm on it"

to be actively working on, doing or talking about something

Idiom Definition - I'm on it


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - I'm on it

A boss is talking to his secretary ...

Boss: I need that report for this afternoon.

Secretary: No problem. I'm on it! It will be ready in an hour.

Boss: Thank you.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - I'm on it

Two managers are talking ...

Manager 1: Does your team have specifications ready?

Manager 2: I think they will have it ready for next week.

Manager 1: Our boss needs to see it the day after tomorrow.

Manager 2: Then I'll get my team right on it.

I'm on it - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   3,150   click for frequency by country

I'm on it - Gerund Form:

Being on it means the job is getting done.

I'm on it - Examples:

1)   Sophie this is gold!! I 'm on it already.

2)  Sure, of course I can. I 'm on it.

3)  I see it. Okay, I 'm on it, Zelenka's on it, we're all on it.

4)  If I know she's coming over, I 'm on it.

5)  Don't worry, I 'm on it.

6)  Chambers does drift in and out of games, but when he 's on it, he's really on it.

7)   " Here's what we need. " Boom! She 's on it. She came back, she did great work.

8)  Certainly, Bear. We 're on it!

9)  While we 're on it, why do people order parcels, not be in to accept them.

10)  If it's hot, we 're on it and you'll read about it here.

11)  " We 're on it. Thanks for the heads-up and comments ".

12)  Don't follow the guy, we 're on it.

13)  If there is a chance to have real Neapolitan pizza close to home, we 're on it.

14)  Outdoor sportswear makers are responding to a Greenpeace hazardous chemicals report this way: We 're on it.

15)  I think if all parties in management have their brains on, they 're on it like flies to pine tar. What an opportunity!

16)  We're at the mercy of the bank. The branch says they 're on it, but I think they're at the mercy of the mortgage dept.

17)   Oh, trust me they 're on it.

18)  The second that anyone else comes out with a tablet device, they 're on it like flies on compost.

19)  Hey It is a very good idea for another article. I 'm on it!

20)   I rolled off the bed. " I 'm on it, " I said. " I'll call as soon as I'm finished."