(to be) on your last legs

Idiom Definition

"to be on your last legs"

to be very near the end of something;

to be almost finished or broken

Idiom Definition - to be on your last legs


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be on your last legs

After a three thousand kilometer family vacation, the family car had had three flat tires.  The car had broken down two times and the windshield wipers were broken.  The transmission was slipping.  The car was running very poorly but the family was almost home.

Unfortunately, the car was on its last legs.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be on your last legs

Two friends are chatting over coffee ...

Friend 1:  How's your sewing project coming along?

Friend 2:  OK, I suppose.  The dress is taking longer to sew than I thought.

Friend 1:  Why is that?

Friend 2:  Well, the sewing machine is old and it keeps breaking.  I fix it and then it breaks again.  Then it starts skipping stitches.  I'm afraid that my sewing machine is on its last legs.

to be on your last legs - Usage:


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to be on your last legs - Gerund Form:

Being on your last legs can be a blessing or a curse depending on your perspective.

to be on your last legs - Examples:

1)  My Ghostbusters proton pack, however, is on its last legs, and I've considered replacing it.

2)  Client/server computing is meant to be on its last legs as everyone moves to newer architectures and web-based applications.

3)  The game is up. Capitalism is on its last legs, destroyed by greed.

4)  Our Asian music industry is sadly on its last legs. Why? Because we can all get our music fix for free.

5)  The show is clearly on its last legs by this stage, and this episode feels like one of the final ones.

6)  The American republic is arguably on its last legs and is in about the same state as the Roman republic was around the time of its collapse.

7)  Unless your laptop is on its last legs and you have to move quickly, there are compelling reasons to wait to replace it.

8)  The other monitor I was using is on its last legs, and the colors weren't distinguishable.

9)  By 1975 Sheffield was on its last legs. But then, gradually, regeneration happened.

10)  Knowing your lawnmower is on its last legs get one at the end of the summer when they are very affordable.

11)  I suspect that his heart is on its last legs and cancer cells are already implanting themselves.

12) The economic impossibility of financing ever-expanding welfare and redistribution through borrowing is on its last legs.  

13) The e-reader is on its last legs. Time for the tablets to come in and clean up shop. 

14) Like the print medium, television as we knew it is on its last legs

15)  Unfortunately my laptop is on its last legs.

16)  If your garage door is banged up, or the opener is on its last legs, you might consider replacing them instead of simply painting the door.

17)  In the 1980s, radio was feared to be on its last legs.

18)  Before I thought to do this I was sure my reed was on its last legs as a couple of notes were a bit flat and I couldn't sound C#.

19)  This country's on its last legs, time for a ticket out of here.

20)  My hairdryer is definitely on its last legs, the occasional smell of burning is particularly worrying.