(to be) on the case

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - on the case

"(to be) on the case"

to be actively involved with and working to resolve an issue, problem or situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - on the case

A boss and her assistant are talking ...

Boss:  I need thirty copies of this collated and stapled please.

Assistant:  I'm on the case.

Boss:  When will the copies be ready?

Assistant:  In an hour.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - on the case

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I'm really worried about my dog. She's been missing for over three hours.

Friend 2:  Steve is out looking for her now.  I'm sure he will find your dog.

Friend 1:  It is a bit of a relief to know Steve is on the case.

Sunday Fun Idiom

"(to be) on the case"

Sunday Fun Idiom - on the case

(to be) on the case - Usage:


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(to be) on the case - Gerund Form:

Being on the case, you know your team will get the job done.

(to be) on the case - Examples:

1)  Mattchevy is on the case now so we'll be fixed soon.

2)  ... as a planet, we create 5 exabytes of data. IBM is on the case, only 5000 petabytes to go then. IBM is currently in the process of ...

3)  ... he must lose weight or his health will suffer. His wife is on the case and insists on serving him healthy breakfasts and watching everything he eats.

4)  Luckily, the Coalition is on the case and the guide and the test are currently being updated.

5)  Thankfully, the European Commission is on the case, pressuring operators to cut data roaming costs.

6)  ... the knowledge that the chiefs are on the case may be enough to ensure that the problem stops.

7)  So there you have it folks, Valve are on the case and already looking into whether it's possible for the studio to venture into a ...

8)  But Josh Halliday and Dan Sabbagh are on the case and you can follow all the details on their live blog.

9)  However, Ubisoft are on the case, and there is already a patch for some issues on release.

10)  We are on the case and we are mindful of the fact that this is the shareholders' business.

11)  Mary Porters office just called back to tell me TAMS was on the case, and in addition to fixing it asap would be looking at design solutions ...

12)  In fact, now that Marco was on the case, I completely didn't have to worry about whether the nursing staff were doing ...

13)  If Derek Wheater was on the case there would be no stone unturned.

14)  ... got on the radio to my mechanic Bob, and he quickly was on the case, and without having to even unfasten my harness, he cured the problem under.

15)  If the San Francisco Giants' marketing team was on the case, all of us would've already received emails.

16)  Daniel Loeb of hedge fund Third Point has been on the case from the minute he discovered the? discrepancy?.

17)  We have been on the case since the volcano kicked off and had nothing but praise for our actions and updates.

18)  A team of eight detectives has been on the case uninterrupted since March 2006.

19)  He has always been on the case. We are so grateful for his leadership and service.

20)  They sympathized with my mother, said they were on the case and would report progress.