on the fritz

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - on the fritz

"on the fritz"

not working correctly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - on the fritz

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I think the database is on the fritz.

Colleague 2: Are you sure it is the database that is not working correctly or is it the operator?

Colleague 1: I am pretty sure that it is the database at fault because I am querying the same terms as I have the last hundred times and it is definitely not working.

Colleague 2: Then I guess you had better contact the IT department and have them take a look at repairing it.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - on the fritz

A couple are talking ...

Wife: The washing machine is on the fritz again. It won't complete the wash cycle.

Husband: So, call the repairman.

Wife: And if I do, that will make the third time we've had to have that old washer repaired. Perhaps it is time to think about buying a new one.

Husband: OK. Then let's start shopping for a new machine.

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on the fritz - Usage:


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on the fritz - Gerund Form:

Being on the fritz, his printer would not print.

on the fritz - Examples:

1)  My phone is on the fritz at the moment, and that is the only camera I carry.

2)  My modem/router has been on the fritz and I have really missed reading TPS. I am now back on air and ...

3)  It has been ages since I've sewn something because my machine has been on the fritz

4)  ... and exit through emergency exits, because the electric doors are all on the fritz.

5)  ... after 10 years of happy washing it decided to go on the fritz and $300 odd dollars later worked until the warranty for the job expired.

6)  Unfortunately our sonar panel is on the fritz at the moment... Tried to get the connections soldered back together this afternoon, ...

7)  I'm at the press conference, but my laptop is on the fritz and so I won't be able to provide the usual service.

8)  OK, but it was all local problems, databases crashing, computers on the fritz, software problems, hardware problems, the whole range of possibilities, ...

9)  Our internet was on the fritz more often than it worked, I'd call them constantly and had to do ...

10)  ... if your EGR valve was in some way very clogged up or was on the fritz. It either needs replacing or disabling.

11)  Our NewTeam shower pump is on the fritz. It runs for about 4 minutes and then stops.

12)  Perhaps the computer was on the fritz. No-one stays at twenty metres for six hours.

13)  And suddenly the screen went berserk, like a home movie projector on the fritz

14)  ... although my calculator does seem to be a little on the fritz so that might not be quite right.

15)  That's why it didn't work properly -- the GPS system was on the fritz.

16)  My crystal ball seems to be on the fritz at the moment, so all I can do is hope for the best.

17)  I find that my taste buds go on the fritz when I have a cold so I need loads of flavour.

18)  ... but if your new appliances go on the fritz or are accidentally damaged, we'll whizz a new one out to you.

19)  I'd love to win this prize as my toaster has just gone on the fritz so it would be fab to have a replacement.

20)  I had to change phones because my old one went seriously on the fritz. It was about three years old.