on the table

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Idiom Definition -

"on the table"

being discussed or considered


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - on the table

"on the table"

postponed or put aside for consideration at a later date


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - on the table

Two businesspeople are meeting ...

Businessman:  Thanks for coming in today.

Businesswoman:  No problem. It sounded urgent. What's on the table today?

Businessman:  There is just one important item we need to discuss.

Businesswoman:  Go on.

Businessman:  Our company is about to expand in a major way and we need to know if your company is going to be able to expand with us.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - on the table

Two businesspeople are meeting ...

Businessman:  Our company is about to expand in a major way and we need to know if your company is going to be able to expand with us.

Businesswoman:  That is a major discussion that I am going to need to take back to my colleagues for discussion. I am afraid we will have to put that item on the table.

Businessman:  I understand. Let's end the meeting, then, and continue another time.

on the table - Usage:


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on the table - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for on the table.

on the table - Examples:

1)  ... said a rate increase was very much on the table for serious consideration at the March meeting given full employment and accelerating inflation.

2)  Foreign exchange intervention is very much on the table and we will continue to use it if we think the exchange rate will depress ...

3)  We notice now that the political transition subject has become the main subject on the table.

4)  All those were options on the table, ...

5)  ... understandable that schools are becoming increasingly frustrated given there are no firm proposals on the table in terms of what a new funding model might look like.

6)  She and others were concerned the fourth option was still on the table, which would effectively strangle the remote community.

7)  Other issues on the table Tuesday were the environment, privacy, diversity, human rights and the environment.

8)  I would have been okay if I didn't feel everything was left on the table.

9)  ... although there is an offer on the table there is still little known about whether Wenger will accept the offer.

10)  ... there are a lot of priorities on the table, and many difficult choices to make.

11)  A preliminary report should be on the table in 60 days.

12)  Everything will be on the table. Since it is the first central executive committee of 2017.

13)  The seller takes it in but doesn't put anything on the table right away.

14)  It's important that the right to self-determination is put on the table.

15)  The idea of building a facility of this kind has been on the table for the past 15 years through elections and education inquiries and is only now coming ...

16)  What options are on the table? And are there any options, like military action, that might be off ...

17)  ... still has no deal on the table and the county risks languishing without the extra funding or powers available, ...

18)  With 33 cuts to conditions on the table at the time, this was never the only issue for our members, ...

19)  Putting everything on the table, which means looking at how long do you run a deficit?

20)  ... made it very clear that an independence referendum is very much an option on the table if it becomes clear that it is the best or only way to protect ...