on the up and up

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Idiom Definition - on the up and up

"on the up and up"





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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - on the up and up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: These terms seem extremely good. In fact, they are so good that I am a little suspicious. Do you think this deal is on the up and up?

Colleague 2: We've done business with this company many times before and they have always been honest.

Colleague 1: Well, if you are comfortable with this deal and you think everything is OK, then we'll move forward with it.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - on the up and up

Two parents are talking ...

Parent 1: Do you really think that Trina is off at the library studying?

Parent 2: Why wouldn't she be?

Parent 1: She has been interested in a boy for while now and I wonder if the library is not an excuse for Trina to see the boy.

Parent 2: If you think that Trina's behavior is not on the up and up, go to the library and check up on her.

Parent 1: I think I will.

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on the up and up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   229   click for frequency by country

on the up and up - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for on the up and up.

on the up and up - Examples:

1)  Even timeshares on the up and up are often sold with restrictive dates for access, hidden fees and taxes ...

2)  Black was a beneficiary, as were other executives, all on the up and up in Black's view. Radler's failings were his own.

3)  I was under the impression that they were on the up and up but as time went by, realized they're just like all builders ...

4)  ... make a plan and stick to it, your chances for keeping things on the up and up will be a lot better.

5)  ... even got my son as my Facebook friend, which keeps us both on the up and up. I've also had a frank conversation with them about how employers ...

6)  Getting a fee for doing so is also not on the up and up either.

7)  ... his bonds in a futile attempt to convince the authorities that he was on the up and up. At his bankruptcy trial, it was discovered that Ponzi still had ...

8)  What has to happen is people have to know that things are on the up and up and honest.

9)  ... me but I suspect most people will recognize that the site is not on the up and up -- so no great harm done. 

10)  ... destroy the game by making the public believe the outcomes were no longer on the up and up.

11)  ... to keep things on the up and up, the human participants were blindfolded during the tests.

12)  I'm of the mind that none of this will ever be on the up and up, this court is hopelessly corrupted.

13)  ... electronic device at a 75% discount, chances are that it's not on the up and up

14)  ... it is a black hat conference, they should have had everything on the up and up at the beginning.

15)  Could that statement equate that they are lies and politicians are not on the up and up

16)  ... that the American people could be fooled into believing this jerk thief was on the up and up.

17)  Now that both boys know for a fact that they're legit and on the up and up, ...

18)  He didn't steal anything.... it was all done on the up and up.

19)  ... authorize any of your files open to the public to show you are on the up and up.

20)  If I think someone I meet in business isn't on the up and up, I tend to just not do business with them and avoid getting ...