(to be) on the wagon

Idiom Definition

"to be on the wagon"

to be in the process of not drinking alcohol usually due to an addiction problem

Idiom Definition - to be on the wagon


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be on the wagon

Linda has not had a drink of alcohol since she fell off the wagon last month.  She quit drinking again right afterwards.  Linda is visiting her friend Jane who has recently broken her leg.  Jane is having a nice glass of red wine after her dinner.  Jane offers Linda a glass of wine.  Linda replies...

"I would love to have a glass of wine but I am on the wagon.!"

Social situations can be very difficult for recovering alcoholics to keep their resolve and remain on the wagon.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be on the wagon

Paul is visiting his friend Martha.  Martha has just baked some chocolate chip cookies.  Martha offers Paul a plate of fresh baked cookies.  Paul reaches for the plate but then remembers his resolve to continue his two years of successful weight loss.

"Martha, the cookies smell so delicious and I love your chocolate chip cookies but I am on the diet wagon."

Good for Paul to resist and stay on the wagon.

to be on the wagon - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   206   click for frequency by country

to be on the wagon - Gerund Form:

Being on the wagon can be a very difficult process to maintain.

to be on the wagon - Examples:

1)  I am on the wagon therefore I cannot drink.

2)  You are on the wagon and do not drink.

3)  He is on the wagon.  He resists the desire to drink.

4)  We are on the wagon.  Please hide all the alcohol.

5)  She is on the wagon again.

6)  You (all) are on the wagon so you need to avoid temptation.

7)  They are on the wagon and do not attend parties anymore.

8)  Well, just like my workout goals I'm getting back on the wagon and am going to take some of my own advice.

9) I gave into the ice cream this weekend, I need help getting back on the wagon

10) The above are excuses and I need to get back on the wagon. I'm dreading returning to the exercise DVD. 

11)  I can't wait to get back on the wagon, I've got quite a lot of poundage to shed.

12) You have to stay on the wagon

13)  It's a few years later, and despite now being on the wagon, I can't resist the opportunity for another pop at his agent's liquor.

14)  Trying to get back on the wagon after falling off!

15)  If I stay on the wagon with traditional diet, I'm good to go. 

16)  Alcoholism is a hard habit to break and even after years of being on the wagon as they say one can fall off.

17)  We are on the wagon when we suspend drinking.

18)  It's hard to stay on the wagon long enough to actually change your habits.

19) It will be easier to abstain than it will be to get back on the wagon after you've eaten them. 

20)  I'm in the same boat on the same journey and getting back on the wagon can just be as easy as falling off.