(to be) on the warpath

Idiom Definition

"to be on the warpath"

to aggressively pursue or look for a confrontation or fight

Idiom Definition - to be on the warpath


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be on the warpath

Production is down. Costs are up. Profit is down. Two coworkers are talking ...

Worker 1: Have you heard the news?

Worker 2: What's that?

Worker 1: The company is not doing well and the boss is very angry. He wants someone to blame for the problem.

Worker 2: Well then. I suppose if the boss is on the warpath, we should try to avoid him.

Worker 1: Good idea!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be on the warpath

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Why so sad?

Friend 2: I stayed out until midnight last night drinking in the bar.

Friend 1: I suppose your wife won't be too happy about that, huh?

Friend 2: Unhappy is an understatement. I'm afraid to go home now. My wife will be on the warpath.

Friend 1: Good luck!

to be on the warpath - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   163   click for frequency by country

to be on the warpath - Gerund Form:

Being on the warpath means you are upset and looking for an outlet for your angry emotions.

to be on the warpath - Examples:

1)  The Tasmanian Minerals Council is on the warpath about environmentalists opposition to future mining in the Tarkine.

2)  Critics will continue to cry foul and claim political correctness on the warpath. But this isn't about misplaced over-sensitivity.

3)  Defense Secretary Warner is on the warpath. She is determined to make a case at the United Nations for regime change.

4)  The Liberals, who were on the warpath against the UTDC at the time, threatened to derail the bill.

5)  The environmentalist in Malaysia and Australia seem to be on the warpath.

6)  Harriet Harman is on the warpath for women again.

7)  I will immediately assume that the Orwellian busybody Sensitivity Police is once again on the warpath.

8)  Maybe Caroline's treatment was enough for this vindictive man to go on the warpath.

9)  Rick Santorum is still on the warpath against same-sex marriage. Why?

10)  Even though she's a total Lib, she's on the warpath over this, no matter where it leads.

11)  Hamas in America is on the warpath, and they are taking no prisoners.

12) On his show last night, O'Reilly actually went on the warpath against the benefit and its organizers, demanding " transparency " and a full accounting. 

13)  Rubio, by the way, is one of the people on the warpath against this Santa Claus business.

14)  The U.S. Mafia wanted him killed because Kennedy's brother was on the warpath for them.

15)  He is constantly on the warpath and is consumed by the destructive force of love.

16)  If someone is on the warpath, they are very angry about something and will do anything to get things sorted.

17)  Oh, and if we are talking about women on the warpath, can we please talk about the Amazons and their historic origins.

18)  They were always on the warpath to oppose any in-crease of the duties on sugar.

19)  The new group was on the warpath this week over Sky's offer to bail out Auckland regional broadcaster Triangle TV.

20)  Fresh from victory and miracles, Elijah hears Jezebel is on the warpath to get him.