on top of that

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - on top of that

"on top of that"

in addition to


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - on top of that

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: You don't look happy.

Colleague 2: Besides keeping current with my existing accounts, I've just been given four new accounts to work on.

Colleague 1: That is a lot of work for one person.

Colleague 2: Never mind. On top of that, I have been instructed to reconcile all the past due accounts by year end.

Colleague 1: You are swamped with work.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - on top of that

Two parents are talking ...

Mother: Our son brought home a really bad report card this week. His room is a mess and his attitude has been really terrible for a while now.

Father: And on top of all that, last night he took the car without permission and ended up damaging it.

Mother: I suppose with all of these warning signs, we had better find out how we can help our son.

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on top of that - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   8,455   click for frequency by country

on top of that - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for on top of that.

on top of that - Examples:

1)  ... apprehension about what to expect and how to navigate your new school, and on top of that all new students are expected to learn many things about college life in a short time.

2)  ... workspace so that you can only focus on what you're doing. On top of that, set hard deadlines with rewards.

3)  I wasn't even sure if I wanted to do theatre anymore. On top of that, I wasn't feeling great.

4)  ... well-known and likable to the college football world is also a must. But on top of that, the Heisman winner also needs to have that Heisman moment.

5)  The school I am in is horribly inadequate. On top of that the instructor is so rude and outwardly mean to whoever she doesn't ...

6)  I have a regular job but I volunteer on top of that. What are you doing? 

7)  ... with a cracked rib from a mountain bike crash two weeks earlier, and on top of that he was riding a single-speed, which demands a lot more core strength.

8)  ... pay in taxes just as much as you do maybe more, and on top of that we support the Christian charities.

9)  The result is designs that are very difficult to code but on top of that there is little to no consideration of interaction, accessibility or usability as ...

10)  They get money from other categorical programs. And do they need more on top of that? Yes. But so do children in other school districts.

11)  Not bouncing it out, not running over people, not anything. On top of that, he's a terrible receiver out of the backfield.

12)  In our rooms it would still be hot, and, on top of that, there were mosquitoes. 

13)  Because the workers are unionized the labor costs are higher, on top of that there are numerous pension obligations and rising medical costs.

14)  ... but enough to reach at least one alternate airport, plus a substantial buffer on top of that.

15)  It was everything I was expecting on the inside, and on top of that, the crust was crispy/buttery/garlicy on the top and beautifully soft and chewy.

16)  ... is angling for at least $5 million in guaranteed money and a few million on top of that in incentives. 

17)  Most have two or three snow days already built in, but any days on top of that would come out of the existing calendar. 

18)  ... work is just the beginning, you add about 4 hours of house work on top of that every day.

19)  I think there's too much regulation, but the last thing we need on top of that is to create special privileges for some groups.

20)  The truth is that politicians are crooked but on top of that, the GOP are really stupid and arrogant.