on your own time

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - on your own time

"on your own time"

during non-working hours, in your personal time, especially without pay


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - on your own time

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Are you making a personal call on company time?

Colleague 2:  Sure. What's the problem?

Colleague 1:  It is company policy that all personal business must be conducted on your own time.

Colleague 2:  OK.  I'll wait until after work to make my call.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - on your own time

Two friends are talking one evening ...

Friend 1:  Where's Jake?

Friend 2:  He is delivering meals to shut-ins.

Friend 1:  That's a long work day for him.

Friend 2:  Oh. These deliveries are not part of his work. He volunteers on his own time.

Friend 1:  Good for Jake.

on your own time - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   645   click for frequency by country

on your own time - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for on your own time.

on your own time - Examples:

1)  Employees in the second group have a bit more leeway. On their own time, they may volunteer with a political campaign or political organization. 

2)  ... only use mobile devices for work during business hours, but use them on their own time, ...

3)  Obviously, they can prepare on their own time and at home. Access to the schools has been limited.

4)  ... or make political contributions, in their own individual capacities, on their own time and at their own expense.

5)  Personal behaviour by an employee on his own time really isn't the league's business, ...

6)  He does this on his own time, without any compensation and sometimes very little thanks.

7)  He doesn't get much credit for what he does on his own time and dollar.

8)  He did all of this as a volunteer member, unpaid on his own time.

9)  Back in Ottawa, on his own time and using his own resources, ...

10)  ... did much of the work on his own time, and all the materials were either paid for from his pocket, ...

11)  You can say whatever you want on your own time, but you have to write like a Marxist on the tests.

12)  You failed big time. Figure it out on your own time. Resign.

13)  I can call you a fool whose only recourse is to write me on your own time because no nefarious secret society will pay you to do so.

14)  ... your job, and if you want any more knowledge then get it on your own time.

15)  What you do on your own time is none of our business, so long as it doesn't affect your ...

16)  I would have to vault mostly on my own time, I'd have to find time for my studies.

17)  I'd love to but on my own time, so I don't have to work.

18)  ... a call I had taken on my own time, for free, ...

19)  Nicholas must also do a lot on her own time. # All training sessions are taped, so she watches those at home.

20)  ... people and often did things for them out of her own pocket and on her own time